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Firefox won't load any pages


I've used Firefox on my laptop for a number of years without issue. I've routinely updated the program when notified of upgrades (current version is 3.6.11, can't exactly remember when I updated). I use my laptop both at home (cable broadband) and at school (wireless network). A few days ago I had the browser open when I took the laptop to school. I believe everything was fine when I first booted up the system but I might be misremembering and it may have occurred as soon as awoke the laptop. The browser was locked up so I closed it expecting an easy restart. When I restarted the browser it wouldn't to load any of the multiple pages I had previously opened. I confirmed internet access with Outlook and IE. I have un-installed and reinstalled Firefox two or three times and it still fails to load whatever page I throw at it (NYT, WaPo, Google, etc). I know I have internet access. I went through the process of checking the Firewall and added Firefox to the list. Why it wan't there already I don't know. I am using Chrome as an interim browser and it isn't on the list (?) I am unsure of other info I found when looking over the firewall settings so I may have a bigger problem than just Firefox loading pages. Your help is appreciated.

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Every time Firefox opened

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A few days ago

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Ad blocker 0.6.7, Adblocker 1.2.2, Flachblock, Java Console 6.0.21, Logitech Device Detection, McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.1, Web mail Ad Blocker 3.1.4


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see above Also I enabled and disabled all plugins

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Not a reply but an update to my first posting. The problem fixed itself after about a month or so. Everything just returned to normal and Firefox worked again. Unfortunately the story continues. After a couple weeks of working the symptoms reoccurred and I was again without the use of Firefox. Pause - - - - but the story continues. I got fed up as I was writing this very update and I tried again for the countless time to find a solution. And the good news is I did and Firefox is again working. It turns out that I had always checked the MS Windows firewall which reflected that Firefox had access to the web. I never thought to check my antivirus program suite. It of course also has a firewall through which Firefox was for some reason not allowed. Once I gave Firefox access the problem was solved. I don't know why I had never thought of this. I am embarrassed to admit it but I hope this may help others.