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Need to move an add-on from status bar to toolbar


I have Foxweather addon - on my laptop (Vista) it appears top right - prefect On Desktop (Windows 7) it appears in Status bar bottom left - can't see....How do I move it to the top toolbar? Many thanks

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Check the settings/options for Foxweather for a setting to show the icon in the toolbar.

To access the settings for the add-on, try right-clicking on the icon for the add-on in the status bar. If you can not access them that way, open the add-ons manager (in the Tools menu select Add-ons), in the list of extensions click on the Foxweather add-on, then click on the Options button.

Another possible method is to check for an icon for the add-on in the customize toolbars dialog and drag that onto the toolbar. For details of how to do that see Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars .

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Firefox 4 UI Fixer Allows you to: - Move Status Bar icons to any location - Use Movable Firefox Menu Button (puts Firefox Menu Button in toolbar button so you can move it wherever you want) - Display Page Title in Titlebar while using Firefox Menu Button - Add "New Tab" Option to Tab Context Menu