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Firefox crashes when loading Gmail, and random other pages, and freezes often.


Firefox upgraded itself to 3.6.10 sometime last Friday, I believe, and every since I cannot get into gmail, and it freezes often. When I try to log into gmail it will crash immediately. Sometimes if I click "sign in" rather than hitting "enter" it will load, but will lock up or crash within minutes or seconds. It also will lock up if I have more than three or four tabs open, often when loading a video, and crashed while loading Nexis, which I use often for work to do research.

I have disabled add-ons, disabled extensions, run in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, downgraded, re-upgraded. Nothing has worked.

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Adobe Acrobat getPlusPLus for Adobe 16291 Google Earth Plugin Google Update Java Deployment Tookit Java Platform SE 6 U20 Microsoft DRM Shockwae Flash Windows Media PlayerPlu-in Dynamic Link Library


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wgcraper 0 solutions 1 answers

Problem does not seem to occur on a modern Win XP nebook with 1 gig RAM, but does on a relatively old laptop running Win 2000 with 98.5 MB ram.

Error message states that a script is running from a Firefox directory and asks to stop it. Crash occurs anyway!