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Firefox does not start when I click the icon. It has been working fine for over a year.


I have been running Firefox for over a year. This is on an HP laptop running Vista. This passed weekend, I got a message saying Firefox could not open a website. I closed the browser and shut down the computer. When I tried to restart Firefox the following day, I kept getting errors saying it could not open. I was short on time so I had to use MS explorer. This morning since I had more time I figured I would try to get it working. When I double click on the icon, I get the hourglass for a few seconds, but nothing happens. I went to Windows "Installed Programs" to see if there was a "repair" option but it will only let me uninstall. I do not want to lose all of my bookmarks, passwords etc.

I can still use Internet Explorer to download if I need to.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

two days ago.

Installed Plug-ins

  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.4"
  • Default Plug-in
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
  • 1.9.0009.1
  • np-mswmp
  • Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53
  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5
  • iTunes Detector Plug-in
  • 4.0.50524.0
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers
  • Java(TM) Platform SE binary
  • DRM Netscape Network Object
  • Npdsplay dll
  • DRM Store Netscape Plugin


  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2010031422 Firefox/3.0.19 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

More Information

can not get program to open so I can not paste this info.

Ziggy Maes 0 solutions 56 answers

Hi Tardis63,

Please take a look at this article: Firefox won't start - find solutions, it should help you out with your issue, feel free to come back if the article above doesn't fix your issue.

Regards, Ziggy

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You posted with an old Firefox 3.0.19 version.

You should update to Firefox 3.5.9 or 3.6 x version.


Question owner

OK I tried the suggestions but still No-Go I am using the laptop now with IE and it totally sucks. When I open FF I get a Windows message saying "Firefox has stopped working, Windows will close the program and notify you when a solution has been found" Like I believe that. It started the first time with a blank screen and the above message, I tried it again and my start page loaded then I got the message. Please help someone!

Question owner

heres the message

Ziggy Maes 0 solutions 56 answers

Hi there, does Firefox start in Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode ?

Helpful Reply

Born2die! Brilliant. I am a desktop clicker and never knew Firefox had a safe mode. Thank You! I was unable to start in safe mode initially. The second time I disabled all of the Add-Ons and she started up just fine. I enabled them one by one hoping to track down the culprit but the problem seems to have gone away. BTW I am running ver. 3.6.8 (in response to cor-el's earlier post) and Firefox is in the process of downloading 3.6.10 (which I am starting to think may have been what caused this whole problem to begin with) Incidentally, whats up with all of the Java Console Add Ons? I have: Java Console 6.0.11, Java Console 6.0.13, Java Console 6.0.15 Java Console 6.0.17, Java Console 6.0.20, and Java Console 6.0.21 What are they? Do I need them? Can I uninstall them? Is this due to using Open Office? Also, .NET Framework 0.0.0 Should I uninstall it?

Ziggy Maes 0 solutions 56 answers

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the Java Console comes with your Java installation. As far as I'm concerned, it is not important and therefor not required to be enabled in order for Java to work.

.NET framework is however a complete other story, best to ignore it.

Regards, Ziggy

Jack McElwee 0 solutions 16 answers

I run HP Pavilion Windows 7 Home Premium desktop PC and I cannot get Firefox 3.6.13 (Kami knows when 14 is coming!) to even launch after numerous DLs, installs, uninstalls, reinstalls, uninstals, DLs, reinstalls. When I get to the screen that says launch FF now? I hit OK and then the spinning orb meaning working then poof it diappears and no FF screen at all! The same thing happens with Opera, Orca, Chrome and every other browser I try. I'm on IE8 64 bit-K&K

Jack McElwee 0 solutions 16 answers

Ran out of room in last post. The only browser working is IE8 64 bit. I tried downgrading to IE7 but when I disabled IE8 there was NO IE anything left! I am so frustrated and nobody seems to have a clue what's wrong with this piece of junk! HELP!! Thanks I hope- K&K

Ziggy Maes 0 solutions 56 answers

Hi keimanzero,

Have you tried the possible solutions above, and have you read Firefox won't start - find solutions ?

Regards, Ziggy

senina 0 solutions 2 answers

No matter in which version, firefox always takes a long time to start up. Some time I even thought it failed to start. It appears in front of me often when I plan to re-double click the desktop icon again. Don't why.It must not be the problem of Gecko engine,because I also use Gecko based orca browser which has been updated to firefox 7.0 engine. It star up fast. Please fix this problem ASAP.It's painful when waiting..