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unable to install firefox


I had 3 terrible days with SASPro allowing thousands of infections through. I am trying to recreate what I have lost. I have tried 3 times today to re-install FF. I get through the entire process, then get this window: Windows cannot find C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jre6\lib\deploy\jqs\ff\xx\xx\xx\xx\bin\jqsnotify.exe I also got the same window when trying to open FF browser. Please excuse any misspelled words - not everything is showing iin the dialog box. I am also unable to download/install SASPro - registration goes through just fine?????

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I am now fighting with SAS. They are telling me I have to hire someone to straighten out their mess!!! Poor folks do not have money to pay someone. They told me to do a System Restore - which will not restore to the date I entered, only the previous day, which seems to be the system's default. They told me to use the link they provided to install SASPro. I had told them previously that, when I attempted to reinstall SASPro, it uninstalled it but would not reinstall. They told me to boot into Safe Mode - I get: CANNOT FIND SERVER They tell me they had a "bad update" - it's 7,654 items worth of "bad update", which they label a "false positive." Is this the same problem a couple of others are having?? Of course, I still cannot install Firefox, plus SASPro. I have been able to replace Avast 5 & desktop weather.