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How can I replace the Roboform toolbar on Firefox 4? I NEED this for my passwords and form-filling!


Having just downloaded and upgraded to Firefox 4 I cannot see how to access the Roboform Toolbar that I have always used with Firefox.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

I upgraded to Firefox 4

Installed Plug-ins

  • Shockwave Flash 10.1 r82
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.4"


  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:2.0b4) Gecko/20100818 Firefox/4.0b4

More Information

I have customized my Firefox 4 by replacing the Menu and Navigation bars but there's no option displayed for the Roboform toolbar, neither within Firefox (apparently?) nor within Roboform!

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Hello there.

Firefox 4's final version has not been released. If you want to test the pre-release versions of Firefox, do so with a clean, new Firefox profile, to avoid data corruption and similar problems. Pre-release versions of Firefox are not recommended for daily use, and they are not supported. Please wait until Firefox 4 final is release so you can upgrade.

Also, if you need help with any particular add-on, you need to contact its author. You will probably need to contact Roboform Toolbar's author if he doesn't update his add-on for Firefox 4.

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The "adapter" for Firefox is compatible with 4.0b1 and earlier versions. Looks like Siber Systems is a couple of months behind the current Beta releases.

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Helpful Reply

Siber Systems solved this problem. Just click the link.


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I think it depends on which version of AI Roboform you have. Version 7x is compatible with FF4. Earlier versions may reproduce the error described at the first post.

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hello, i ask roboform team about this issue and this is what they replied

'I ask them about the roboform v6.10.2.

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately RoboForm 6 does not work with Firefox 4 Final Release which contained significant changes over the previous official release.

RoboForm 6 is compatible with all previous Firefox releases. Kindly note that the final RoboForm 6 update was released in December 2010 along with the release of RoboForm 7.

Please note that upgrading to RoboForm 7 requires an upgrade license if you purchased RoboForm 6 Pro before Sept. 1, 2010. However we are offering existing RoboForm 6 customers an upgrade discount for either of our two upgrade options.

  • Your discounted upgrade options*

You will receive a discounted upgrade for your current licenses to new RoboForm 7 Pro Desktop/ RoboForm2Go 7 Pro licenses OR You will receive a discounted upgrade to a RoboForm Everywhere license. RoboForm Everywhere allows you to install RoboForm and RoboForm2Go on unlimited computers and devices and automatically keep your RoboForm data in sync between all of them.

For additional differences between the two products, please visit: http://www.roboform.com/how-it-works/product-comparison

To take advantage of the RoboForm 6 upgrade discounts, please upgrade here: http://www.roboform.com/php/pums/rfprepay.php?lic=upgrade_rf7&upgrade=yes&lang=en

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actually there is a workaround. all credits to swmyp from ru -board

  1. Install Roboform 7.2.7
  2. Copy folder "c:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\Firefox\"
  3. Install Roboform 6.10.2 -dont untick option to install adapter for firefox
  4. Replace "c:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\Firefox\" with your copy from 7.2.7 version

now u should have working 6.10.2 roboform with latest adapter from 7.2.7

If toolbar didnt appear right away after restart, remove Roboform toolbar extention from add-ons.

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herbmmm 0 solutions 1 answers

Don't I have to buy roboform 7 to be able to download it?

teddyr 0 solutions 6 answers

A very easy fix. Saved us big money. No need to upgrade to Roboform 7. Thanks

teddyr 0 solutions 6 answers

Download Version 7. There's no cost. Revert back to Version 6 following the procedure outlined and you are up and running.

teddyr 0 solutions 6 answers

Good Old Siber Systems -- always out to make a buck. Thanks to MeOminG who posted a simple fix that works.

It would have taken Siber System a few seconds to post a solution, but there's no money in a free fix. We were promised updates for life from Siber Systems. They honored that pledge up to Version 6. Why not Version 7?

oldunshavenone 0 solutions 5 answers

When I bought Roboform Pro a few years ago it promised free upgrades http://web.archive.org/web/20080822215550/www.roboform.com/why-pro.html Although installing the new version 7 Roboform toolbar for Firefox 4.0 works, you have to copy and paste the passcard info into the website. I hope Roboform or someone will develop a workaround to continue to use version 6. So far, Siber Systems is not keeping their promise to us original purchasers!

oldunshavenone 0 solutions 5 answers

Are you sure this fix isn't working because of the free 30 day trial of Roboform 7?

I think I'll wait a month to see if anyone has experienced difficulty by then after trying the workaround.

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whbecker 0 solutions 1 answers

I am running Roboform 6.10.2 with Firefox 4.0 on Windows 7 (x64) and I have found that it mostly works. Like many other posters I found that Roboform did not work when I first upgraded to Firefox 4.0. I was at Roboform 6.10.1 and although the Roboform tool bar was listed in Firefox it would not expand to show logins, identities, etc.

To try and fix this, I upgraded to Roboform 6.10.2 and allowed the Roboform installer to install the Firefox extension. In Firefox the extension is now listed as Roboform Toolbar for Firefox 7.2.3 and Roboform is (mostly) working again.

There is one issue that I have seen, - sometimes the Roboform tool bar doesn't expand. I can usually get it to expand by going to a site that requires a login. If this doesn't "wake it up", manually entering the login and password does the trick and it will stay expanded on that tab.

If you look at this web page: http://www.roboform.com/support/news you will see that Roboform claims that Firefox 4.0 beta is supported for version 6.10.1 but doesn't mention the released version 4.0. This page is obviously out of date since it doesn't even list version 6.10.2. Also note that support for the released version of Firefox 4 is only mentioned for version 7. And there are several fixes listed for "toolbar visibility issues" in the many updates for version 7.x.x.

We can only hope that Siber Systems will apply these fixes for "toolbar visibility issues" to version 6 once they have version 7 sorted out.

finucane 0 solutions 3 answers

Thank you whbecker for all you efforts, they are appreciated but: "We can only hope that Siber Systems will apply these fixes for "toolbar visibility issues" to version 6 once they have version 7 sorted out".

Agreed and: We can only hope also that Siber Systems will regain consciousness and do the right thing by honoring their original agreement for "free upgrades" to those of us who are longstanding, loyal customers who have been selling RoboForm to our friends, family and colleagues for many, many, years and stop avoiding us. I don't, along with many others, do not think this is a unreasonable request... Honor what you sold and move on from here! I really want to stay with RoboForm and Firefox both and it seems to me that if one goes, so does the other have to go...

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The workaround posted here by MeOminG taken from another board worked for me.

Install RoboForm 7 as a trial, you're not going to actually use it, you're just going to extract a file from the completed installation.

I have 64bit Windows 7 so Roboform installed in Program Files (x86)

Copy the Firefox folder, install RoboForm 6.10.2 and use the folder borrowed from the version 7 install to replace the one installed with version 6.


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I would like to try MeOminG's workaround which others have clearly done successfully. The thought occurs to me, however, that it would be extremely helpful if someone who already has the "c:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI RoboForm\Firefox\" folder extracted from RoboForm v 7.2.7 could post it here (or a link to it) many of us still using v 6.10.2 would be eternally gratefull..... and it would be one-in-the-eye for Siber Systems!!!

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I too was disappointed in Roboform's failure to honor their upgrade promise as I had been a longtime user. I went through the Washington BBB and Roboform then agreed to upgrade me for free to version 7. However, they then have failed to honor their promise (again) or even respond to my inquiry. I think they only responded to the BBB to help their accreditation statistics.

I would urge all former version 6 (or earlier) user to make the effort to complain to http://www.dc.bbb.org/. It may not do much good for yourself, but will at least act as a warning to others about Roboform's business practices. Who knows, they may even lose their BBB accreditation.

The moral of the story is I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to do anything to help out current users as they really don't seem to care. I am looking at switching to Lastpass, as it seems to be the best alternative out there.

Good luck

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Just as an FYI, it appears that Roboform eliminated this workaround solution with version 7.2.8, as I have been unable to get it to work

What a bunch of really nice folks over there.

finucane 0 solutions 3 answers

Yes, I noticed the same thing on the work around. And besides, I knew that would only be temporary because their true agenda truly appears to not be the nice guys, it is instead all about developing mistrust and the almighty dollar, even if that means breaking an agreement with thousands and thousands loyal customers instead of doing the right thing. Roboform has no intent of making this issue right, none whatsoever. They jerked me around in support memos until I finally pushed them to the wall and spell out that the free upgrade would not be a free upgrade forever, they just wanted me to believe that it would be. Smoke and mirrors, totally.... Buyer beware! I think what RoboForm doesn't understand is that most people do not complain, they just don't come back... Personally, I also suggest people to file that formal complaint with the BBB in Washington and then hold out for a Class Action to happen for those to be grandfathered in someway, I have seen it happen before!

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Actually, the v 7.2.8 workaround does work - although I thought it didn't at first as well!

Try this. Follow the instructions given by MeOminG. Open a clean Firefox 4 browser (with only one tab open). It still shows the RoboForm toolbar without the 'Logins' button etc as before.

Now login to one of your saved logins from the RoboForm shortcut next to the clock on the taskbar. It should login as normal and the 'Login' button etc appear in the RoboForm toolbar as well. Open another tab and Roboform toolbar should appear as normal.

Close the second tab, then close the browser. Now open a new browser and all should be fine..... and remain fine from now on. That's how I got it to work!

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