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Firefox keeps attempting to download .php files from websites which are blocked with a hosts redirect.


I configured the /etc/hosts file on a number of machines for a client to redirect facebook and myspace to localhost. Ever since, Firefox attempts to download a php file if one exists on a webpage which is hosted on those sites. For example, attempting to visit npr.org/music causes likebox.php to attempt to be downloaded from facebook.com.

The strange thing is that this isn't happening on every machine, but I can't find anything that's related. Same versions of the OS (10.6.4), same versions of Firefox (3.6.8). I tried deleting profiles, cookies, caches, and the mimetypes.rdf file, all with no luck. The firewall is off.

Any thoughts?

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

I modified the /etc/hosts file to block a couple websites.


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isaac.flores 0 solutions 1 answers

same problem

garfolino 0 solutions 1 answers

I found a solution for my case.

First, the problem was happening in only one of my computers... I have a Macbook white running Lion latest version and also Firefox 8.0.1 (latest version when I post this)... And on my Macbook Pro, i have the same stuff...

I blocked www.facebook.com by redirecting it to as usual, and as another sites like twitter and such...

I just decided to change to Google's IP Address... So if i go to www.firefox.com it opens Google, but also if any webpage has those Facebook Like buttons, it doesn't load nor try to load it anyway! So case solved! (With a workaround, but still...)