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Since the plugin container update, firefox keeps freezing when opened and on certain sites.

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(locking this old thread. If you have this issue then please create a new thread - c)

Not sure if its because of the plugin container update but issues began around that time. When I open firefox sometimes its frozen, all i can do is close it down and open a new window. it does not say "(not responding)" like when it crashes, i just cannot type, click bookmark or anything. in particular the site on, to post messages on there an new box opens, this also freezes in the same manner, only works again if firefox is reset, or sometimes begins to work again by itself, 10 minutes later or so....

PLEASE NOTE: this is not the usual form of crashing, or whatever the technical term is, it simply freezes, yet i can click the "x" in the corner and it instantly recognizes that. when a box opens in a site that crashes, i can still use other tabs/windows of firefox no problem, just not the site... the site is not experiencing issues, already asked them.


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Using XP, started w/ 3.6.6, worse w/ the latest update (3.6.8)...keeps freezing, but I can close it. Video from cnn, yahoo other news sites won't load unless I restart Firefox. Getting frustrated...IE is starting to look good again!

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Well, I got the pop-up to update to 3.6.8 and it seems to have stopped the issue. I haven't gone in to see if the crash timer thingy (so technical, am I!) has been reset to the 45, after I dropped it back to -1 as the Knowledge Base article suggested, but primarily that's because it SEEMS to have remedied the problem.

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same here... They should definietely put some effort in fixing this thing

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I'm not sure about all computers, but I know this fix worked with mine. Go to a website called and click on flash player and then click on the link in the top right hand corner of the screen that says download latest version. this should fix any flash problems involving any web browser you're using.

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this is the third time this happened to me in two months.

and i'm so sick and tired of it i'll probably unionstall firefox for now.

i can't make any changes to my blogger, nor myspace and the videos on youtube only play in low quality.

this debugger or whatewer it is. i can't stand it anymore.

wish you all the best. i used firefox a lot in the past 2 years. but this is just silly. i'll go back on IE now or chrome. hope i can fix my sites there.

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I updated to 3.6.8 straight away and was happy, as it solved the problem. But I think only temporary, as after 2 weeks, it happens again. 3-4 times a day, my firefox freezes. When I stop the plugin-container process from the task list, than it works again. Mozilla - Do something please!

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i am having the same problems, and having to use the task manager to close programs. it started when i updated firefox. is there a solutions...PLEASE HELP US

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This problem followed me from 3.6.6 to 3.6.7, 3.6.8, 4.0 beta 3 and then to 4.0 beta 4. The browser would load the flash animation or the youtube video for a few seconds then freeze. I would then have to kill it in task manager and it would tell me "plugin container for firefox has stopped working" I fixed it by disabling crash protection, setting "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled" to false

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This problem is SO FRUSTRATING. I transcribe songs off youtube a lot, and I am being forced to use a different browser.

This might help for a full solution to the problem:

What works for me is to keep the task manager open. Every time Firefox freezes (once a minute sometimes), I end the Firefox task (this is in windows 7). This wakes firefox up and I can hit "cancel" when it asks me if I want to close all my tabs. Then firefox continues on without a hitch until the next inevitable freeze.

It only takes about 10 seconds, but it's a PITA for sure.

more options that is what i think about plugin-container.exe and firefox

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there is a simple answer - install google chrome! i have used firefox for many years and loved it but at the moment it is almost unusable. if they won't fix the problem don't use them. there are other good browsers out there. mozilla seem not to care very much for there loyal (soon to be ex)users.

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