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plugin-container.exe consumes 100% memory

Crash ID(s)

I have no idea.

plugin-container.exe consumes 100% memory == Crash ID(s) == I have no idea.

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I used to have a different id and I posted here several times, yet I suppose Mozilla support got tired of my nagging about plugin-container.exe and asking for more and more help all the time and they apparently deleted my account. I tried to recover my password yet this site says such email not found. I am sure I was a member and I was being automatically logged in every time I came here by clicking on the support email (subscription to new posts -, yet FF deleted me. Well, I'm back now under a different id. If you delete me again I will never use any Mozilla browser again. I can't use FF anyway as without those weird plugins I can't normally browse internet, so right now i am using the ugly IE8 and also a Google Chrome browser.

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This is ridiculous. For years I have been a proud supporter or FF, but now I can't even use it because of "plugin-container.exe". I reverted back to an older version of FF to get rid of it, and the next time I started FF up again it automatically upgraded me and again I'm lagging too much to even use my browser.

I really hope mozilla fixes this issue. It seems they've already lost a ton of their devoted users to chrome.

Until something is done about this, I have no choice but to use another browser. Lets just hope they fix it before everyone gets used to chrome.

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Likewise, 3 or 4 crashes today and the plugin container exe consumes 50% or more CPU. Thats what I call progress...

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They blocked me from posting at the popular plugin-container.exe thread/forum, because I asked too many questions. They posted "helpful" answers, but it did not helkp me much, al I did was uninstalled Adobe which left my FF half-assed, so I switched to Chrome. Now I am using CHROME and i wonder why we don't need any (infamous ADOBE) plugins when using CHROME? I watch Youtube videos with CHROME browser without any plugins. Same video in FF can't view unless install the infamous spyware-ridden plugin from Adobe.

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Less than smart email system made me unsubscribe from this thread by mistake and there is no way to subscribe again other than to post here again.... When are those "engineers" will ever learn simple things, can't trust them even with such simple things, how can trust with a browser? I feel like vomiting due to all this consumer/customer abuse by corporations in the last decade or so...

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I got the perfect solution to this problem.....Take the FF dev team out back and send them the way of ol' yeller! I have a brand new PC I bought 4 days ago, plugin-container.exe doesn't consume hardly any CPU (maybe 5% at max usage) BUT it crashes every other video I watch!!

I was a loyal FF user for many moons but if this plugin-container.exe is not removed and FF goes back to working properly I will not only never refer people to use any of your software again, but I will also not stop posting how crappy your software is on EVERY forum board I ever come across!

Take this with a grain of salt if you like but in trust in one thing......You leave this plugin-container.exe crap in your browser the way it is now and your company will end up like Dell........DOWN THE SHITTER AND FAAAAST!!

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I wanted to add that I spend thousands of dollars with the companies that I like, so I'm not a cheap guy. So if you don't get any money from me, you must be doing something wrong. Perhaps a $20/year browser would be better than a FREE (magic word, naht!) browser? Sometimes I keep on spending with a company that I don't like or which does not give back much to me in exchange for my money in terms of quality of goods or services and I end up with a half-finished product that I must finish myself. Some smart guy in the past said that in the future the entire world will become one LAZY PLACE. This is happening now. Low quality goods coupled with supposedly low prices and the I-work-1-hour-a-day attitudes = LAZYSTAN. So, because they got not much competition in the area where I live I will, for a while, stay with one company as their "loyal" customer, but as soon as there is competition with same quality of goods I will vote with my feet. So even those monopolists mistreating us your loyal customers, be careful how you treat us, always treat your customer with respect same as you would treat your Mother and Father (most of you). Why all this ANGER in the U.S. consumers? Because they've been mistreated so many times that they gave up BEING POLITE. Another side of the medal is that U.S. consumers due to competition they've become "tolerant" of some low prices of some industries and they expect a lot, but don't let that encourage you monopolists to raise your prices as you quickly will end up filing bankruptcy.


Ex-FF user, switched to Chrome, but still open to sometimes use FF, when the right winds blow.

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OK, what's the deal? Why are you sending me multiple notifications of the same post? I'm using only one email address; even if i used 2 that would not explain why I just received 5 notifications of the same post! :-)

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Suddenly plugin-container.exe is not only consuming nearly as many CPU cycles as Firefox itself, but now there are TWO instances of plugin-container.exe running every time I open Firefox.

What is going on with Firefox lately? I can't bear the thought of going back to Internet Explorer, so maybe it's time to give Chrome a try.

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Try to disable plugin-container.exe by reading this thread:

and follow rjohnson19's instructions.

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This is an issue that it appears FF either doesnt care to acknowledge, or they lack the "knowledge" to figure out whats wrong and or repair it, but either way, a little acknowledgment regarding this issue goes a very long way! I'm beginning to think its because they have now turned their attentions to the release of Beta 4~ just what we need....... a beta program that will probably have even more issues that will also be ignored. (sighs) I came here looking for a solution, found none so the only decision I can make is to uninstall FF completely. Why keep it if its just not going to work? Bad programming and customer care FF...... Disappointing at best.  :(

I have the information from the last "crash" but I dont have a screen shot~

AppName: plugin-container.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.5755 Offset: 0000100b

The rest of the info regarding my pc is the same as Andrews. ~ btw, good luck Andrew!!

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Same here Grrr!!...I'm not very happy..and want my old Firefox back :(