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Firefox downloads window gets closed when closing webs

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Hello. I'm used to close Firefox's actual window when only downloading a file, and usually the downloads window never closed when I closed the main window. Suddenly it does. What can I do to keep it open?

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== PRobably when I updated, not sure.

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@Anonymouse "When the download window remains open in Wiindows 7, clicking the Firefox taskbar icon just brings focus to the downloads rather than opening the browser. "

Yes but, simply middle clicking the downloads window in the task bar opened up a new window, there was no problem.

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Do i get you guys right? Firefox developers changed the useful old behaviour to this new shitty one because of they don’t know how to use thier operating system right?

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This sucks, and there needs to be an option to keep it open when closing the main window in the properties (Well in my opinion, make it the default, then add a check box for "Close Downloads Window When Main Window Is Closed [ ]"). This is a stupid change and there was no need for it.

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Oh, what i just noticed: Not only that the window gets closed on Firefox exit, it can’t be closet by clicking the download indicator in the status bar of the main window, too.

It was a good functionality: clicking the “x Downloads” information to open the window, having a look at the window without moving the mouse cursor, and clicking again to hide the window.

Now this isn’t possible, too.

Mozilla, i have some bad news for you: THIS CHANGE WAS EPIC FAIL!

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Mozilla - when I close all the downloads the only way to reopen Mozilla is to close down my whole computer and restart. This is frustrating and stupid. Guess what the solution is to remove Mozilla from my computer completely

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While a way to revert to the old functionality would still be great, I've found a bit of a workaround for those of us who are struggling with the new behavior in the meantime.

Start to download something of decent size. Preferably something you aren't going to want to have finished downloading soon. Something random you don't need would be ideal (I went with some huge astronomy picture). Once the download manager has a progress bar for that download, pause it. Keep it paused and the old functionality is essentially restored until you finish or cancel that download, because the download manager will not close automatically if there is a download still remaining.

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I think a huge wave of people (myself included) will be rushing over to thanks to this massive developer SNAFU once they realize what's going on. :P

Because newer is NOT always better.

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"When the download window remains open in Wiindows 7, clicking the Firefox taskbar icon just brings focus to the downloads rather than opening the browser"

If this is the reason then, well I don't even know what to say. right click on the icon and click Mozilla Firefox. amazing. now you can bring back the old functionality Mozilla.

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