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get rid of the resend info window!!!!!!!

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I don't want to be asked all the time for approval to resend info to refresh pages

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== whenever I try to refresh ebay

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Hello Ken.

Does this happen on all pages or just a few?

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This happens all the time on Ebay when a sold items 'order' is viewed from selecting the 'more actions/view order details' menu (on right side) - (to for example get the postal address for the item) then when click browsers back button to return to Ebay the box pops up asking - "To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier."

I feel there should, at very least, be included a sub box tickable window for enabling - "And don't ever ask me this crap question again!!!"

cheers Ken

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I notice by default Opera 10.6 just presumably resends the info and returns to previous address/window without any warning box needing corrective ticking to enable 'a resend of info'.

So in Opera 10.6 this annoyance doesn't occur.

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Opera probably loads that page from the cache. Firefox tries to retrieve the page from the server to make sure that there are no changes and that requires to resend that POST data if that page was originally requested by sending data from a (hidden) form. It is better to open links in a new tab with a middle-click to avoid resending data. Then you can close that tab and go back to the original tab without the need to reload and resend.

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I hate this problem

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I had the same pfoblem with Firefox (3.3.6). I found this suugested fix, tried it and voila no more message! So to whoever posted it originally ( cant seem to find it again) thank you very much.

In the URL window of firefox type:- about:config (this brings up a Warning message, but continue anyway) Change this setting in firefox browser.sessionstore.postdata Change from a 0 to 1

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I did that "fix" some time ago, but I still get the screens, which is getting way beyond irritating. I contributed to another thread on this problem at

Try, for example, working on online genealogical records for a couple of hours, where you have to go back and forward constantly. Firefox will drive you crazy.

They must know that not making the resend confirmation optional is a stupid decision, but having made it they are toughing it out and refuse to consider changing it.

I'm not capable myself, but if anyone can write what is probably quite a minor script or hack that can be invoked by us poor end users, millions will be grateful! It doesn't look as though Firefox are going to do it themselves. One is used to complaining about Windows annoyances, and many of us are delighted to have Firefox if only to avoid yet another Microsoft product, but this is getting just as annoying.

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And on the other thread, too, cor-el explained carefully why Firefox has to have this resend confirmation. This is not what is needed! I don't *care* whether the form is retrieved from the cache or anywhere else -- all I care about is that when I click "Back", Back is what happens. Firefox presumably exists to serve its users' needs, not the other way round! I cannot believe this is a big deal to programmers who can come up with such an otherwise superb browser with all its requirements.

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I meant "refinements"  ;-)

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Well, Firefox is open source. You can file a but (at bugzilla) and even build the patch yourself if you feel like it. Granted, of course, it may never land if the Mozilla Foundation heads don't see it as appropriate, but it's never too much to try and fix the issue.

OR you can build an extension. You can check the source code whenever you want, however you want, so it's extremely easy to do an extension for this. If you know how to. This is a good start.

At least file a bug as a feature request. SUMO (that's, where we are) is definitely not the best place for feature requests.

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I hate this resend "feature". I have been using firefox for several years but this "resend" security feature only pops up recently. I have IE, Safari, Opera all installed in the same PC together with firefox and only firefox has this stupid feature. It is not only an annoyance, recently I have a banking transaction charged 3 times instead of one because of this "resend" feature. From now on I would not use firefox for any internet transaction until someone fix this!

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I also hate this perversely imposed aggravation. There is no legitimate reason for not eliminating both it and the purported issue it addresses from Firefox. It's a two-bit bug that any credible software operation would never allow to see the light of day.

That said, I've found what so far has been a fix for this bug for me while using eBay, which is where I've been most provoked by it. Go to this item in Firefox Support / Knowledge Base: Restore. Toward the end of the item there's a heading, "Privacy issues." Perform the three steps they list:

  1. In the Location bar, type about:config and press EnterReturn.
The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear.

Click 'I'll be careful, I promise!' to continue to the about:config page.

  2. Find browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash in the list
  3. Double-click on browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash to set it to "false. "

There's no OK or Apply button to hit - just X your way out in the upper right corner. I went back out to the desktop and used ccleaner to clean out any residual stuff, then went into Firefox (I'm using 3.5.9 because of issues with any later version) and into eBay. So far none of the situations in which I've been faced with the infuriating popup have occurred in eBay, although I did, in fact, encounter it again while trying to get around in the Mozilla site.

Mozilla brass, do whatever necessary to get rid of this crappoid bug at a deep programming level. This is the type of thing that drove millions out of Microsoft's browser and to Firefox.

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If they won't listen then maybe it's time to find a new browser or someone that can make one for the people, like mozillia did before they got to corporate I'm sure the advertisers on mozillia would like to hear our complaint to let them know we might be changing browsers. that is what I'm going to do starting with any entry in, anybody want to do it too