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How do I make a new tab not display the Comcast "about:newtab" screen with Comcast Toolbar installed?


I downloaded the Comcast Toolbar, and now every time I open a new window, it displays the Comcast about:newtab screen. It has a spot to click to disable the screen, but it doesn't work.

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latest version of firefox and windows7

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Have you tried the Comcast support forum for help with that? Addon developers are responsible for supporting their products.

I extracted the Firefox extension from the installer, and looked through the files, but didn't see a preference that can easily be reset by the user. In case I missed something see if you can see a preference for that.

1. When you open the Options for that extension in Tools > Addons >> Extensions, are there any options listed for that preference?

2. Also, type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter. If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page. a. In the Filter line type Comcast and see what appears.

b. If you don't see anything, try this {4E77EDAD-9566-4089-88D1-C81498CEE770} , that is the GUID identifier for the Comcast Toolbar extension.

That's about all I can think of right now. I am not willing to install that Comcast Toolbar program, I don't like "installers" for Firefox addons. I am willing to sacrifice a Firefox Profile to test an extension, but I am not going to risk all my Firefox installations to test something I have no use for. (I saw some Registry stuff in that installer that looks like it will install that toolbar into every damn Firefox Profile I have on this PC as soon as each Profile is used. I don't want to risk that or take the time to lock the extensions folder in all my Profiles - over 20 currently.)

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See if you can find an answer here under the "Comcast Toolbar" section:


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Only reason I installed Comcast toolbar was for something called http://comcast.couponwinner.com/. It notifies me of when various "coupons" are available to sites I'm shopping. That's all I really wanted. Something like that available with no strigs attached?