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My computer cannot find firefox.exe


Whenever I try to run Firefox, a box pops up telling me that my computer cannot find the program firefox.exe, and suggesteing that I might have spelled it wrongly etc.

The short-cut on my task bar gets the same results, and the one from my start menu, and all others I can find. If I use Windows Explorer and go to C:programs/mozilla firefox and find the icon for firefox.exe and double click on it, I get the same box popping up saying it can't find it. I have updated from the Mozilla site (using Internet Explorer), have reinstalled twice, then I have used add./remove programs to remove Firefox (after saving my bookmarks), then reinstalled again, and still get the same result.

I tried to follow instructions from the Mozilla site about using a profile manager to create a replacement profile, but still got the same pop-up box.

I have used Firefox for years. Yesterday it was working fine, then suddenly it stopped working. I had been doing nothing more than playing games and checking e-mails, and had installed no new software and had not been mucking around with settings etc.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Yesterday. Everything was working 100% fine, then it suddenly stopped. I've been using Firefox without problems for years.

Additional System Details

Installed Plug-ins

Firebug, dictionary, possibly one or two others but not much.


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Hi,I have just had a similar problem,windows gave an error message saying it could not find it when trying to open it by clicking on the icon in its home folder,also saying it does not exists when trying to run it from the command prompt,also unable to locate it from the quickstart taskbar thingy.

I tried unistalling and re-installing,still the same.

I have just uninstalled it via the control panel,then open regedit via the run command at the start menu,then searched for firefox references within the registry and removed them(I backup up the registry first of course).

Then reinstalled ,and it is starting and running fine.

I hope this helps.