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Download Box Pops Up When Viewing Websites With Facebook Like Buttons


Whenever I visit websites that have the option to click the "like" button from facebook (cnn, tmz, etc.), the download box on my computer pops up and says "You have chosen to open like.php from www.facebook.com in Text Edit" or "You have chosen to open fan.php from www.facebook.com in Text Edit." I rarely use Facebook and have never used the like button so I'm not sure why it keeps popping up. Does anyone else have this problem/know how to fix it? I am using Firefox 3.6 on a Mac with Snow Leopard.

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  • -Gecko default plugin
  • Runs Java applets using the latest installed versions of Java. For more information: Java Embedding Plugin. Run version test: Java Information.
  • Picasa plugin.
  • npmnqmp 071701000001
  • iPhoto6
  • Office Live Update v1.0
  • Java Plug-In 2 for NPAPI Browsers
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
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  • Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45


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Same problem , on multiple websites across the web.

Question owner

Same problem everyday. Is this a virus?

I am also on a Mac. I am on an Intel desktop running OS 10.6.4 and Firefox 3.6.7.

Question owner

Oh, and by the way, occasionally a window with slightly different text pops up. The one I attached above shows a Firefox box that says, "You have chosen to open fan.php from http://www.connect.facebook.com" and the one I'm attaching to this message says, "You have chosen to open SetToolbarLoad.php" from http://statistics.wibiya.com" but for the most part I get the message that says, ""You have chosen to open like.php from http://www.facebook.com in Text Edit."

cat6frogs 0 solutions 1 answers

The same problem has surfaced in the last couple of days on my laptop - Windows XP. Several different "you have chosen to open" .php files from facebook. like.php being the most common. I don't use facebook at all. I am in China, so need a vpn link to access it anyway.

I have not updated anything recently (at least not intentionally) and this only started 2 days ago. Other posters seem to have had the problem for much longer. I don't seem to have any add-ons or toolbars which could trigger this, and it is becoming rather irritating. Sometimes several different individual requests to open a .php while opening a single web page.

shoconnor 0 solutions 1 answers

Any updates on this? I'm trying the fix shown here using adblock.


Its always one of those Facebook buttons that causes the error. Sometimes like.php, sometimes login_status.php and sometimes connect.php.

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wessels 0 solutions 1 answers

This problem seems to be more widely spread then just with Facebook like buttons - sometimes when I click a link, the download box pops up. If I then cancel & try again, it might work - or I get the download box again. I haven't yet found a pattern or explanationas to why this is.