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zzxc: i am not able to watch streaming videos


You are now chatting with Firefox community member zzxc zzxc: Hello zzxc: Do videos on youtube.com work? topedge: yes topedge: sometimes web pages won't show and i use ie to open them topedge: sometimes when it is working to open a streaming video it crashes ff topedge: oh, hi zzxc: What is one website where videos don't work? topedge: justin tv to open cnn it won't or any other channels topedge: it used to be a recent upload version now it won't topedge: it used to. with a recent upload version it won't topedge: i'm wondering if its a setting when i loaded the new version zzxc: Are you in the US? gryllida has joined the conversation. topedge: no, canada. in the applications it was looking for quicktime version which wasn't available so now i have it set for windows media zzxc: Are you sure the video you're trying to stream isn't restricted to the US? Is it working in another browser? topedge: i can watch it on my notebook which doesn't have the latest firefox topedge: but is operating on firefox zzxc: ok, try any video from http://www.hulu.com and let me know if it works. topedge: hulu is us only zzxc: ok, then try a video from http://play.cuatro.com/ (from Spain, but works worldwide) topedge: very choppy but its playing cnn inter'l zzxc has left the conversation. topedge: i am playing cnn int'l on my notebook right now in firefox topedge: when i operate in this computer with an updated version of firefox i get the following message; we're sorry, but we couldn't find the video stream. Please check your internet connection and make sure your're connected. Disable any proxy or ad blocking software. I have tried to run it with my firewalls down with out any difference

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i think the technical person had it figured out before he 'heard' the issues.

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I can't watch my VERY important Funny or Die videos and or TMZ videos. What gives?

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Hi, My computer shuts down when I try to do any thing with graphics, ie, watching streamed video or looking at my photo's. this is a recent problem, anyone got any idea's