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How do I automatically go to my homepage when opening new tab?


I swear to god there used to be a means of doing this in previous versions of Firefox but for some reason it has been removed

I've put up with it in the hope that someone would see the folly in removing this ability but it appears they haven't so I'm making a stand for it's re-introduction!

If I am dredging my memory correctly there used to be an option within the Tab preferences of opening new tabs as either a clean blank tab or to go directly to your homepage

Like 90% of the world I have Google as my homepage and more often than not if I am opening a new tab (that isn't a result of clicking on a link) it's because I want to go to Google and search for something new

Why are you slowing my productivity by forcing me into unwanted mouse movements and clicks to enable me to go to my homepage?

I just want to hit CTRL-T, start typing my search string and hit enter not go about the houses like I am doing

Please Please Please Re-instate this feature!

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Morbus 134 solutions 2338 answers

Hello Dave.

Whenever Firefox doesn't do what you want it to do, you should search for an extensions that implements that.

New Tab Homepage

There are other extensions like that, but that one will do what you want.

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Much obligied to you Morbus

Why this has to be added by an extension though I do not know

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Because they decided they won't fix bug 269664 which indicates it was originally in the Mozilla Suite. One commenter mentions "A workaround is to middle-click or CTRL+click the Home icon -- that will create a new tab which is not blank, but rather goes to your home page"

Question owner

Thanks anon,

The middle-button click works perfectly!

I therefore avoided installing an extension which I didn't want to do as I feel they are a security risk.

You've made my firefox experience that bit happier!

Morbus 134 solutions 2338 answers

Helpful Reply

That's awesome Keith! It's great that you avoided installing an extension, but extensions really aren't a security risk greater than Flash or Java... Apart from outdated versions of extensions, none have known security problems. Of course, some may create weird behavior in Firefox, since Mozilla only tests extensions for security problems, and not for features.

You can see a list here of problematic extensions to avoid:


Remember that the version number does matter, since most of these problems are already fixed in the current version of the respective extension.