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Move Tab: Ctrl+Shift+ PgUp/PgDn No Longer Works After Firefox Update

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Hi. I'm currently using Firefox 86.0 in Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit) and for aeons I've been using Ctrl+Shift+ PgUp/PgDn to move tabs left and right, but a couple of updates ago I lost the ability to do so. Actually, I should say using the LEFT Ctrl and Shift buttons no longer works, as I ended up trying the right ones and I can still re-order tabs that way. However, I'm just so used to having my left hand working on that side of the keyboard, I always automatically press the left Ctrl+Shift, so I'd really like to get back to how things were until very recently. I was hoping doing another update to 86.0 yesterday would fix it, but it hasn't so here I am.

I've searched all over the web for a remedy, but all I see is people repeating the key combo, people recommending extensions that no longer exist (and I don't really want to install addons for something that used to be the default). I have not installed any addons for ages, have not tinkered with any settings (I can't even find any for key bindings) - all I did was let my system update Firefox, and that key combo was gone. (Note: since my system and apps get updated together, I can't actually be certain with was updating Firefox that did this, but I see no changed keyboard behavior elsewhere).

If anyone knows how to fix this, like a key in about:config or whatever, please let me know. PS: While searching the web, I've seen a lot of talk about related (Ctrl+Shift) combos I've never used - like Ctrl+Shift+ End to move the tab to the very end - and none of them work; the only Ctrl+Shift combo that works, and only with the right Ctrl+Shift, is Ctrl+Shift+ PgUp/PgDn for moving tabs left and right. I thought I should add that just in case it's related.

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Still works for me in Firefox 86 on Linux with both the left and right Ctrl key. On my computer Shift + right Ctrl key works as the compose key: Shift RCtrl ss => ß, so the order in which you press keys might make a difference.

Try the Firefox version from the official Mozilla server if you currently use a version from the repositories of your Linux distribution.

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Seems this is a global issue after a system update, which included a new version of Firefox. I decided to reinstall Chromium to test if this is the case, and it is the same there too. And then I realised that since you can open tabs in Nautilus/"Files" (which I rarely use, so forgive me for not testing this earlier), maybe you could re-order those too, and sure enough you can, but once again only with the right Ctrl+Shift.

So I've posted in the Ubuntu Forums to see if someone can help, but in the meantime if someone knows how to get Firefox to force the key combo to work, like changing a setting in about:config or adding/editing a line in userChrome.css, please let me know. I only ever use that combo in Firefox, so don't really care if I can't fix that globally (though if any Linux guru out there knows what's going on, please feel free to share).

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cor-el said

...the order in which you press keys might make a difference.

Thanks for your reply. I actually did try that when it first started, to no avail. Took me a few minutes to realise it might make a difference if I tried the right-side keys, though! And turns out it is a global thing. If I find the answer elsewhere, I'll come back and share, and marked it as Solved. Cheers.

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I'm on Linux and the ctrl and shft keys on both sides still work.