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BSNL HTTP redirect - loss of origianl URL which gets redirected to

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So I live in India and out here there is a c**t of an ISP called BSNL that provides broadband and landline service. When I browse, I tend to open a lot of Firefox tabs via Google, and some of them could be HTTP tabs. Often I could be reading a bunch of tutorials like this one: which is quite long and involved. Which means that sometimes I shutdown my browser without having finished with this website/tutorial.

When I restart my browser, I hover over the Tab or scroll them to get back to what I was doing and this is where these unmitigated BSNL b@st@rds come into the picture.

They redirect all HTTP requests to and I lose my Tab! I can firewall that IP by dropping its packets and that slows things down giving me enough time to hit Esc and cancel what's going on.. or what I usually do is log everything to /tmp and then poke around in log to find my URL by grepping for http://

It's still very annoying - what do I do? I would like to murder the person responsible very very slowly or at least roast their cursed toes over hot coals but besides wishful thinking - what do I do?

(they also do other village idiot type things like redirect HTTP to ads and spyware but I've not noticed that recently, after I complained to the Swedish government, about the Swedish server hosting these gross turds)

A Firefox solution would be ideal since this affects security - the random redirecting of HTTP to places unknown by unscrupulous ISPs run by the local village idiot/DSLAM. (please forgive the rude words but I'm hoping that name sticks in peoples minds - BSNL - Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited - may the world, punitively, never hire these rotten scumbags)

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