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on thunderbird: I created two indentical mail accounts : none working

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Hi every one , sometime ago i was not receiving mail any longer , I did something(can't remember what) and managed to create a second identical account(!) and started receiving mail again . But now even the second one has stopped receiving mail on my computer. Also a friend has mentioned that recently his mails to me were rejected on account of being blacklisted!

I have an Ipad, and the mail comes through without problems. 

thankfully awaiting all your suggestions , A-Marie

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usually one/same email-client program/software (Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mail, etc etc) will not allow a user to add two accounts for same email-address, unless some config are changed, that is, one is configured to use POP3 based access, another is configured to use IMAP based access.

if you have multiple email-client software in same device/computer, then each can have atleast one access to your same email-adress based email account.

multiple/different device/computer, each can access into your same email-address based same account.

TB = Thunderbird.

so i suggest the below:

remove your email-account from your "second" device/computer where it is not working, if it does not have any custom/local folders specially added by you.

login/sign-in into your email service-provider's website , via a web-browser , from any working computer/device , it may ask you extra SECURITY quesitons, provide/answer that. then goto SECURITY section , then goto 3RD-PARTY APP ACCESS LIST page, where it shows you which 3rd-party apps are accessing & permitted to access your email-account. keep your web-browser 'waiting in that webpage.

it is very good security practice, that, you change your password after some time periodically, at this point of steps/instructions, this will be your very good opportunity to do that, CHANGE PASSWORD in your email service-provider website, once you do that, then only those who have CORRECT PASSWORD, can access it, those who have OLD PASSWORD cannot access your emails/account.

after above step, your email access should be working again in the "first" device/computer . IF you've changed-password then your first device/computer will ask you to enter password again ( if you select INBOX or other remote FOLDER ) , then specify NEW PASSWORD, and it will begin working.

begin to add the same email-address as a new email account in the other/"second" device/computer, where you want to add & access it , if you've deleted the email account in that "second" device/computer. or also do same, ( tap/click on INBOX or any other FOLDER there), and you will be asked to enter PASSWORD again, do that, then your email-access in your "second" device will also begin to work.

once you have added your same email-address account in the "second" device/computer where you want to add it, ( or you have entered correct PASSWORD in it ) , is done , then REFRESH the webpage in your web-browser where you are waiting , it will show you a new item for the email client/APP+location which you are using, in that LIST, and, if you have added your alternative-email or phone-number in the your email service-provider , then your email service-provider will/should also send you a notification that someone has just accessed your email account , As you have yourself accessed your own account now from a different device/computer , So you do not need to do anything (usually) , or else you have to follow the link & deny the permission in your email service-provider's website. some (not all), email service-provider(s) can also send a notification in MOBILE-APP (from same email-service-provider) to take/obtain your permission , if you want to allow the newly added access or not , you have to select Allow/yes, etc , then other/"second" device/computer will be allowed to access emails.

some, not all, email-service provider now also MAY need a "SECURE MAIL KEY" (aka: Password-KEY) for accessing emails from a 3rd-party app, that is, you have to goto your email service provider's website+login, and find the option to create/generate new SECURE MAIL KEY for the 3rd-party email client/app . You have to specify that Password-KEY (SECURE MAIL KEY) in the 3rd-party email-client software in your other/"second" computer/device , where you are adding same email-address to access it , in it's PASSWORD field. So instead of using the PASSWORD for accessing (email service provider) website , you may have to specify a Password-KEY in the email-client program/software, in some cases.

Also check the 3rd-Party App Access/Permission LIST, remove permission/access of ALL unknown client/App(s), etc. (if you access email from two devices only, then it should have only two items). So delete ALL other items in that LIST, but, sometime, when a user logins via a website, then user will also see another item for that access in the LIST, so don't delete that, unless you're done working there.

if you can login into email service-provider site without any problem, and if you use correct Secure-Mail-KEY or PASSWORD,etc, and if you have approved the correct email-client app, then your access (or your account) will not be blocked or blacklisted.

Modified by atErik


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Sorry it took so long to reply, I live in New Caledonia and there is big unrest at the moment. First thanks a lot to have taken the time to answer me. Am writing from my IPad , to be able to have access to my mailing account as on my computer it is totally blocked. Precision about my first request : - I was not trying to have 2 identical accounts, was just tying to make my thunderbird mail work. - The second identical account was created by mistake. -Now all is blocked telling me I can’t have 2 identical addresses but not letting me have access to do anything. - don’t know how to take screen shots from an I pad . - can’t find the “ security” window in my account on the server. Looking forward to hearing from you again.


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TB = Thunderbird.

exit from TB, if its running.

please make a backup of this below folder first, before you start fixing: "%APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\" you must make sure your Windows-"Explorer" has these option enabled : Show hidden files , Show file extension, etc. you must also run "Explorer" by a privileged (administrator type of) user, so that ALL files are copied.

then goto TB main-menu > Tools > Account Settings > select the second "mail-account" that you want to delete, click on "Server settings" & look into what info it has > in left-pane/side, under the left-pane/side , you will see a line or a box that shows "Account Actions", click on this > a drop down list will appear > select "Remove Account" > click on "Remove" button.

"Security" option inside your mail-server's web-mail access site , will/MAY not be shown with/under exact same word "Security" , different ISP/MSP will definitely use a slightly different word or a synonym word, etc.

here is info on various options for AT&T-Yahoo , it also has info on other ISP/MSP . you will get ideas on how to setup new options.

here is info on how to configure AntiVirus(AV)/FW/SS etc software.

here is various options on how to regain back previous data , showing three options.

if you provide more info on what is your ISP/MSP (internet service provider / mail service provider) , what settings you are using in TB , TB version number, etc , then it will be easier for others to assist/support you.

all these problem started after TB auto-updated itself ?


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