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Firefox for Android 79.0.5 (Build #2015758619) ... where to begin ... re-vamped interface is wasting my life

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Imagine my surprise when I loaded Firefox for Android (on my Samsung GALAXY S7 edge smartphone running Android 8.0.0) on Friday, 28AUG20, and could not easily use it, at all, due to the dramatic interface changes made, presumably, by a group of people who have arbitrarily unleashed their collective creativity (?) on an unsuspecting and otherwise loyal & happy user without warning ... due to a default Auto-update apps setting of 'Over Wi-Fi only' in Google Play on my phone (I don't see any specific upgrade setting option[s] unders Settings > APPS > APP INFO > Firefox --> look into it 'group') ... it's a tough way to learn that one must go in and disable Auto-update apps in Google Play ahead of time ... Google deserves some of my wrath here as well.

Anyways, I had 210 Firefox tabs loaded in a specific order that I had grown used to and memorized ... gone.

I saved a 'Collection' of the open tabs but am unhappy with the appearance / style and the listing order seems to be the exact opposite of what I had established ... I don't see any options to change these back to what I had --> look into it 'group'.

Even something as simple as the toolbar placement location was arbitrarily changed from top to bottom just to disorient one. That one I got sorted out today. Yippee.

When I click on a tab in my saved 'Collection' that I had for 'about:logins' (for why I needed this, see below for more), the new F for A cannot take me to my Saved logins ... it just throws an Invalid Address page in my face. When I go to Settings > Logins and passwords > Saved logins, I get a security challenge splash screen (not mentioned in that wants my fingerprint ... which I have never established for F for A, let alone my smartphone. The 'USE PASSWORD' link on said splash screen doesn't work and just returns me to the Logins and password options screen --> look into it 'group'. K_Mc 1439PDT30AUG20 edit: turns out I did have a fingerprint established (that was no longer being recognized, as either my R thumb or R index finger) but did not have the smartphone Lock Screen enabled ... I removed the fingerprint in smartphone Settings and am no longer confronted by the F for A security splash screen, so, am back to the workaround described below.

I need access to Saved logins because F for A stopped autofilling username and password fields on sites I visit regularly long ago ... my workaround was to Copy & Paste passwords from the 'about:logins' tab / screen. Now I cannot even do that. And, when looking just now for an updated remedy for the autofill problem, the described switch next to Autofill (same article as above) doesn't exist as a fourth option in my Logins and passwords screen --> look into it 'group'.

FYI - I do not have a data plan with my phone carrier TELUS Mobility because they charge way too much for mobile data plans of any significance ... so, I connect to Wi-Fi where I can find it when out and about and when home, to my Wi-Fi router, for which I pay TELUS an exhorbitant fee for a high speed fibre connection into my house. Any app that insists on internet connectivity in order to function can be a problem for me ... so Firefox Sync and the like are out ... I do not want my Firefox logins, Bookmarks, ect., shared to any cloud. And why does F for A insist on arbitrarily reloading pages when no internet connection exists? The cached page(s) would do just fine but get dumped in favour of a refresh as soon as a given tab is selected --> look into it 'group'.

I already had lots of gripes about the previous F for A ... i.e. the order Bookmarks were stored was arbitrarily the sequence in which they were saved ... no heirarchical organization by re-sortable groups of folders / lists of Bookmarks was possible ... a nightmare if you save a multitude of Bookmarks and want to quickly access any given one of them ... the new F for A doesn't address that either --> look into it 'group'.

So ... having only gotten one or two toes wet with the new F for A, I'm completely unimpressed and have said so in my Google Play rating of this app. K_Mc

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I'm going to look around for another mobile browser ... clearly, there's no support for Firefox for Android via this support forum ... this is the second time I have taken the time to document issues with F for A ... neither thread was ever even commented on.


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I haven't seen any questions to us in your post.


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Hello TyDraniu ... thanks for weighing in ...

If you read my original post you'd see that I raise a number of critiques of choices made by the developers and suggestions on introducing options as to how a user might be better served ...

If you search my post for the phrase "--> look into it 'group'", you'll see a clear suggestion preceding.



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The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.


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Thank you Seburo ... that is helpful ... K_Mc


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