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Memory Being Sucked Up

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I have found a strange thing happening. I tested it several times and it is always this. When I open ALL HISTORY and then also choose something on the left (like a month, say JULY), then r-click and choose DELETE, Firefox begins to suck up all my RAM, as high as 3GB of RAM, my PC has 4GB total. So at this point, PC becomes almost unusable. If I close HISTORY and then click to close Firefox, nothing happens. So I was wondering if anyone else ever reported a similar issue. Only happens in Firefox, only when I do the steps listed. Otherwise Firefox works fine. FYI, I just now did the upgrade to 80.0, don't know if this will resolve issue or not, haven't tested yet.

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If you have sync, and there is a problem anywhere, Shut Down Sync Immediately On All Devices to prevent the problem from spreading. Once the problem is fixed, perform the same repair on all computers/profiles before using sync again.

[v57+] Places Maintenance is built into Firefox.

Type about:support<enter> in the address bar.

You will find Places Database near the bottom. Press the Verify Integrity button.

When done, copy and post the results here.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

MemTest LAST UPDATED : 27/09/2013 Could you please run a tool from in order to check the integrity of your RAM?

You will need a thumb or disk drive to install it on.

Do you let Windows handle the page file or did you set a fixed size ? If you use a fixed size for the page file then try the former and let Windows handle the page file.

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Fred, I did not see a place to paste that, on the link you gave me. I have pasted it below:

> Task: checkIntegrity + The places.sqlite database is sane + The favicons.sqlite database is sane > Task: invalidateCaches + The caches have been invalidated > Task: checkCoherence + The database is coherent > Task: expire + Database cleaned up > Task: originFrecencyStats + Recalculated origin frecency stats > Task: vacuum + Initial database size is 35840KiB + The database has been vacuumed + Final database size is 10240KiB > Task: stats + Places.sqlite size is 10240KiB + Favicons.sqlite size is 36256KiB + pragma_user_version is 53 + pragma_page_size is 32768 + pragma_cache_size is -2048 + pragma_journal_mode is wal + pragma_synchronous is 1 + History can store a maximum of 90708 unique pages + Table moz_places has 7675 records + Table moz_historyvisits has 8568 records + Table moz_inputhistory has 10 records + Table moz_hosts has 0 records + Table moz_bookmarks has 663 records + Table moz_keywords has 0 records + Table sqlite_sequence has 1 records + Table moz_anno_attributes has 3 records + Table moz_annos has 338 records + Table moz_items_annos has 0 records + Table sqlite_stat1 has 18 records + Table moz_bookmarks_deleted has 5 records + Table moz_meta has 5 records + Table moz_origins has 1158 records + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_inputhistory_1 + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_hosts_1 + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_keywords_1 + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_anno_attributes_1 + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_bookmarks_deleted_1 + Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_origins_1 + Index moz_places_hostindex + Index moz_places_visitcount + Index moz_places_frecencyindex + Index moz_places_lastvisitdateindex + Index moz_historyvisits_placedateindex + Index moz_historyvisits_fromindex + Index moz_historyvisits_dateindex + Index moz_bookmarks_itemindex + Index moz_bookmarks_parentindex + Index moz_bookmarks_itemlastmodifiedindex + Index moz_places_url_hashindex + Index moz_places_guid_uniqueindex + Index moz_bookmarks_guid_uniqueindex + Index moz_annos_placeattributeindex + Index moz_items_annos_itemattributeindex + Index moz_keywords_placepostdata_uniqueindex + Index moz_bookmarks_dateaddedindex + Index moz_places_originidindex > Task: _refreshUI


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I should add that when the problem happens, it is ONE instance of ONE Firefox process whichs grows to that huge amount of RAM. Many other Firefox processes are still present, with normal RAM useage. If I stay out of ALL HISTORY, useage is fine. I will also test now that I did the upgrade to 80.0.

OK, test with 80.0. It basically still did it, but not as bad. RAM useage for the one process which was doing the deletion (I deleted the first 3 weeks of August History), went up to 2.6GB, running 50% of CPU power and it took about 5 minutes. But when it finished, either the useage went to normal or that particular Firefox Process went away and I can still use my computer.

Never noticed deleting history bogging down my computer before.

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I called for more help.