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Problem with getting Firefox to open pages saved in maff format

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A couple of years ago I posted a query regarding not being able to open pages saved in maff format (of which I have literally hundreds saved). I solved the problem by installing an extended release version of Firefox, 52.7.4, which still supported the maff extension. Et voilà, all my maff files now open.

I have held onto my old XP machine because I have a boatload of legacy graphic programs which I do not want to spend the hundreds of dollars to upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 versions. Recently someone gave me an XP machine which is newer and has a much better processor than my own.

So I figured if I just install Firefox_ESR_52.7.4 I would easily be able to open those maff files I wish to store on the (new) XP machine.

Curious thing, the only version I could find to download Firefox_ESR_52.7.4 came in a zip file with no installer. I mention this because I'm wondering whether it may not be the cause of the fact that I cannot get this version of Firefox to open files with the maff extension. I right-click the file to "Open With" and select Firefox from the list, but it then simply goes into an infinite loop of showing me the Open With dialog box. I even put Firefox.exe into the Send To folder, and the exact same thing happens.

When I downloaded Firefox_ESR_52.7.4 for my Windows 7 machine, it did come with an installer, but I cannot use it for the XP machine because it is the 64-bit version. And for the life of me I cannot find anywhere to download ESR_52.7.4 with an installer.

Anybody out there who could shed some light on this problem?



P.S.: I tried to post this question using Firefox (my extended release version) but after signing in, the page just hangs... and hangs. I suppose this is because I'm using a version of Firefox which Mozilla deems unacceptably outdated. But my argument has been and always will be that there are extensions I cannot live without, so as long as the newer versions of Firefox do not support those extensions, tant pis. I use Chrome 95% of the time.

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Sorry, it's me again. Update to above: by doing some exploring, I did in fact find Firefox_ESR_52.7.4 with an installer. So I got rid of the folder that contained the zipped contents and properly installed the program. It still will not open files with maff extension. Same old infinite loop, with Windows refusing to include Firefox in the list of available programs.

I remember there was a way to go into the registry and assign extensions to their correct programs. Will have to refresh my memory and figure out how I did it ages ago.

But if anyone can come up with an easier fix, I'd appreciate it.


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Can of worms to deal with saved MAFF files; and worse when you expect a Windows OS to deal with them from the Windows Explorer file system and to get Firefox to be launched.

  1. IMO, better off using Firefox and File > Open File.. = {Ctrl & O} and drilling down thru Windows Explorer directly to locate the specific MAFF file that you want to open. --- Was much easier with WinXP vs. Win7 (both 32-bit OS's for me; IMO not factor though); Win7 screwed up "my system" for dealing with saved MAFF files.
  2. Overall, it might be better to use Firefox Portable Edition installed to your disk drive for older versions of Firefox, like before Firefox 57 Quantum. IMO and experience "stuff happens" that can "ruin your day" with regards to the Profile Manager handling pre- and post-Quantum versions.

"Portable" has its own "Profile Manager" that is completely divorced from the "official" versions of Firefox which will share the Profile Manager with every damn version of Firefox ever made; Firefox 1.0 in Nov 2004 to the latest.
And the ESR version is available, too. Problem is finding the exact version you need / want for all the older versions of Firefox Portable Edition. They aren't easy to "search for"; or I just don't recall the current "trick".

Downside is that the Windows Registry just doesn't work with the Portable Edition, which by its nature isn't supposed to "be seen" by the Registry; the basic design is for using a USB Flash Key to make Firefox "portable" on Windows OS's and to leave no trace that it was used on each PC that it was used on. Many of us discovered the benefits of "Portable" on a desktop permanently as far back as like 2004. I had a "hidden" Portable for pRon surfing that I launched via Windows Keys program, and didn't need a desktop icon to launch it, back in the days of Windows2000 & Win98.


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Hi Edmeister,

As I recall, you were the gentleman who helped me the last time I asked this question.

Come to think of it, I still do have Firefox_46_portable installed on the Win 7 computer though I've virtually stopped using it. I had not thought that it might be having 46 installed that is making it possible for me to open those maff files. I will install the portable onto the (new) XP machine and see if that solves the problem. I just so liked the maff format that I was really disappointed when Firefox stopped supporting it. And of course now Chrome, in its infinite wisdom, has stopped supporting the .mhtml format as well. Have to resort to a workaround to accomplish this.

Don't you just hate it when Windows does not let you browse to the program you want to use to open a certain file type? It refuses to add the executable you have browsed to to the list of available programs. Even if the file type is registered in Folder Options --> File Types, Windows just acts cussed from time to time about this.

Will report back with results.




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