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Speed testers NOT showing the actual experience

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I live in the mountains of North Wales so am at the end of a lot of copper or (even) aluminium wires. I rotate ISPs regularly and have been at this shit since the WWW was invented and have even bought a Cisco router to host our own web site in the 1990s. I KNOW that the ISPs manage my connection speeds, router management software WILL be more capable than the Cisco router we managed ourselves!! I notice a similar profile of getting the speeds that are advertised at the start of a contract and then to throttle it as they add more customers to the same kit that they lease from OpenReach; increased latency! I also get OpenReach business notifications and know that the ISPs pay OpenReach for not only bandwidth that they use but also the electricity that powers them, OpenReach also charge for shit loads more but lets stick to the simples! ALL the ISPs deny ANY management function which is disengenuous to say the least!! There is a worrying trend in businesses to not only have no usable phone numbers (I had about eight BT numbers when we had the Cisco Router but NONE work anymore) due to the telephony shit that infests what laughly passes for customer service these days. {Thinks: Is there an undisclosed word limit to this field!?!?? I daren't hit return to go to a new para 'cause it might send like the excreble messaging systems which pass for comms in these benighted days!! My point for the designers of Firefox is: when I try to do "Speed test I can count up to FIVE seconds before a Ping is registered which is never more than a 100ms so that's bollocks! Then it doesn't matter how many tabs I have open (often shit loads) the speeds that I get are independant and even when I'm "listening" to radio articles that doesn't effect the results either! A GENUINE speed test should be built into Firefox don't ya think??

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On most speed test services, it's normal for the ping to take a little while to show up. This is usually because the service needs to actually connect you one of their test servers. Not to mention that the ping is often tested multiple times to determine an average ping.

In other words, if the system says you have a 50ms ping, it's still going to take significantly longer than 50ms for that part of the speed test to complete. For example, I just tried on my computer and it takes me 3-4 seconds before the ping appears (I happen to have 24ms).

It's important to note that the ping you have on the speed test may not reflect the average ping that you will get when connecting to some websites. This is because some websites have their own latency, which may slow how long it takes for the server to answer your request.

In most situations, the ping is not a huge indicator of speed. Generally speaking, anything under the 150ms mark is considered "acceptable". Usually, your download speed a far better indicator of your Internet's speed, since it's what will determine how long it takes for Firefox to download a website.

Additionally, it doesn't really matter how many tabs you have open. Most websites only involve a single download when they are first loaded. The only thing that would really impact your speed test results is streaming content, but even that would have a minimal impact on your ping.

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Thanks Brandon One speed tester that I use is BTWholesale's one and it registers the ping as the screen draws; NO delaysand inherent latency! But that's OpenReache's parent companys tester! I didn't go into the inverse synchronicity of my ADSL connection when I get more upload than download! I didn't mention that I'm getting single figure download speeds. I know that the ISPs want to maximise their earnings and have TV, Gaming and streaming subscriptions SO they manage the routers to facillitate this, obviously. What I suspect is that they are dialing back bandwidth for us mere mortals and don't monitor the effect that this has on our experince of just web surfing! Another point about a built in speed test would be the possibility of including a trace of the servers that are involved in downloading a site.