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I changed the password for the firefox account because I installed a new windows, after which all login details and bookmarks disappeared. during the password change I was not informed that I would lose all data! I let you keep this information in the cloud in trust and you deleted it? Have you gone crazy!?!?!?!? I want to get back my data immediately! I see that a lot of people have a similar problem and you don't do anything about it? How can I trust you at all in this situation?

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Hii Gosukody ,

Sorry, no backups of Sync data are saved. One set of data which is deleted when the Firefox Account password is changed. That password was used to create the encryption key for your data; that data is useless with a different password, so the data is deleted.

" this happened on the same day I got a new phone and new computer. " What about the old devices? Your data should be on those devices; only the data that was on the Sync server was deleted, not data on connected devices.

Thank you!

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Hi gosukody,

Sorry, but when you changed the Password for your Firefox Account (used by Sync and some other services that Mozilla provides) all your data was wiped from the Sync server. The old Password was used to generate dual "keys" under which your data was encrypted for 'transit' to the Sync server and while on the Sync server. The new Password created different dual "keys" which couldn't de-crypt your data; thus the Sync server wiped that useless data.

Sync is not intended to be used in lieu of a proper Firefox data backup with a solitary device, like when reinstalling the operating system. With a 2nd device connected to your Sync account your data could have been "recovered" from 2nd device when that device was connected to the Sync server with the new Password; then your data would have been sync'd to the device with new OS installation & and new Firefox installation.

Thank You.

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thank you for the quick reply! unfortunately that doesn't solve my problem. Why, for example, is the old key not automatically generated before the password is changed? Why is there no clear warning about the consequences of changing the password? Why, for example, don't you improve the quality of services by offering login data, bookmarks, contacts in the cloud? Why, for example, do I, as a resident of Europe, have no possibility to contact the helpdesk by phone, which is discriminatory in relation to my American colleagues who can call? It is good that although I can describe my problem here and there will be people of good will such  like you i will try to help me. I have a second device but for reasons not explained to me I have been logged out of the firefox sync service and I do not have current login details. In my opinion, you are exposing users too easily to the loss of sensitive data. In logins I had, for example, data to log into the account of a financial institution, now it will take me at least a week to recover this data. Well, this will be a lesson for me in the future and I will not be fooled a second time I will not trust free open source software with low quality services. I will try competing browsers, e.g. google chrome, because I also have an email account there. greetings and good wishes!

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