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I remarked now several times in the last weeks/months that my bookmarks are moved/gathered in different folders

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I organise a lot of bookmarks through hierarchy folders. Within these folders there are several sub-folders with the same name, e.g. there are main folders named after the main theme and beyond that (sometimes also 2 or 3 levels beyond) there are folders named after a country.

Folder Theme A

  • Folder Country A
  • Folder Country B

Folder Theme B

  • Bulleted list item Folder Theme B part 1
  + Folder Country A
  + Folder Country B
  • Bulleted list item Folder Theme B part 2
  + Folder Country A
  + Folder Country B


I have remarked now several times that the bookmarks of the Countries are moved or gathered in different folders. First I thought I moved a folder by accident, but it happened now serveral times and today it was clearly not made by me. Today Firefox now gathered the content of several Folder Country A of different Theme-Folders together in one. But it gathered only the content, the folder itself were moved to complete different Theme Folder where I found 3 sub folders now of Country A (but empty as the content was gathered.

To make it better understandable:

Folder Theme A

  • Folder Country A
  • Folder Country A (from Theme B) - empty
  • Folder Country A (from Theme C) - empty
  • Folder Country A (from Theme D) - empty

Folder Theme B

  • Folder Country A (contained the content of the Folder Country A folder of Theme A, B, C and D)

But this is only one example, I had also once found only one further subfolder in a complete different folder. I don't see a concrete process how these issue is occurring.

Obviously there is a mix-up due to the same name of the folders, there ar eno bookmarks missing. But to rename the folders is not really a solution for me, especially as these folders are not duplicate in the same level of folders. I am not sure but I am assuming that these mix-ups has something to do with the sync function I activated in Firefox now a while ago. There are currently 3 devices which are synchronised over my Firefox account (1 Win10 laptop, 1 Android mobile and 1 Android mobile). But I have nothing changed with my mobile e.g., I just add sometimes bookmarks over the mobile devices. The "wrong" placements are also visible in the bookmark manager in Firefox on my mobile devices, so it is not only an issue with some settings as the bookmarks were really changed also over sync.

What can I do or is this a bug with the sync function?

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IMO, that is a Bug with Sync when the Firefox desktop / laptop version is 'mixed' with Firefox for Android or Firefox for iOS. Been going on for almost 5 years now iirc, based upon 'spot' reports early on and with increasing frequency in the years since the Sync service was modified for the arrival of the Firefox for iOS version, and new version (at that time) of Firefox for Android a few months earlier.
Also, too many users have reported similar issues when they were using a "different sync" app or extension along with Firefox Sync; the same as we saw 12 years ago (2008 / 2009) when Foxmarks / Xmarks was being used along with the new (at that time) Firefox Weave / Sync service, which was long before "mobile devices" were added to Firefox Sync.
It is my opinion that the "bug" lies within the Sync server software with the manner that the server handles "mobile" bookmarks slightly differently than the "desktop" bookmarks. The dozens of hours that I have searched this forum for the first mention of this corruption issue led me to my assumption that the Sync server software is the culprit. Very unscientific method of fault finding, but I can't experience it myself, as I don't use any Firefox for ... mobile devices.

That said, my advice is to disconnect all devices / computers from Sync then on desktop / laptop devices open Help > Troubleshooting Information and scroll all the way down to Places Database and used the Verify Integrity button and wait until the verification process runs its course and the results appear. It will show you what was 'fixed'.
Do that with all desktops / laptops; the "mobile Firefox" doesn't have that feature; may not need it, because few users who have reported this issue have had it affect their "mobile" bookmarks, iirc.
Then before connecting back to Sync on any device, changed the password for your Firefox Account which serves to clear all the saved data on the Sync server and get rid of the corrupt data. Most used device first when connecting to Sync, and make sure that you don't rush the process when connecting subsequent devices. It will take some time for the Sync server to process all the transferred data from scratch.

Additionally, I don't follow your description of your folder hierarchy; the simpler the better, IMO. Two to three folders deep, any deeper and that may cause issues for some users especially with Sync on multiple types of devices; i.e. "mobile" and desktop / laptop.

In closing, I have stopped using Sync completely 3 or 4 times over the last 12 years, or so, due to frustrations similar to yours. I don't have a "smart phone" and only have 2 desktop PC's, one of which is rarely used and kept around (operational) as a "backup". So, I am not a Sync "expert" just another user who can see the benefits of Sync; and I am still pissed-off over Mozilla not supporting the first version of Sync (which was known as Weave and used an add-on; before 2010 when Firefox 4.0 got Sync as a built-in feature) which was used with Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 to "build the Sync" feature. That left me "high and dry" with a Netbook eeePC that I was using for my job, which wasn't capable of handling Firefox 4.0; and that was after trying 4 different 'flavors' of Linux. The first time that I ran into that not carrying features forward from Mozilla.