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I cannot find the Library icon in my Menu

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On the menu in the top right hand corner the library icon does not appear. I am using windows vista and FF52.x

On the menu in the top right hand corner the library icon does not appear. I am using windows vista and FF52.x

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Firefox 29-56 had a different menu than Firefox 57+. You need to pick the category you're looking for, such as

  • Bookmarks: Show All Bookmarks or Ctrl+Shift+b
  • History: Show All History or Ctrl+Shift+h
  • Downloads: Show All Downloads or Ctrl+j

Was one of those what you needed?

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I cannot get the Library icon to appear in the pull down menu to get that far

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Correct, before Firefox 57, there was no Library icon. Forget about that icon.

Have you been using Firefox for a while? You have a more direct way to get to Bookmarks or History or Downloads -- they work the same as always. I also gave you the keyboard shortcuts in case you don't know where the "Show All..." menu items are under Bookmarks, History, and Downloads.

If you can't find or use those, what exactly are you looking for?

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Do you still have the combined star and "Show your bookmarks" icon the Navigation Toolbar ?

If not then check the Customize palette and possibly click Restore Defaults.

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there is a combined star and show bookmarks in the toolbar but trying that does not bring up a library icon either

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I am trying to export all my bookmarks to load the onto a new Pc. I have been using windows vista and firefox since 2009 and have finally bitten the bullet and have bought a new laptop with windows 10 and want to move all my bookmarks and saved logins onto the new device

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You will find a "Show All Bookmarks" link at the top of the "Show your bookmarks" drop-down list and in the bookmarks menu.

You can copy or backup files like these with Firefox closed and copy them to another profile folder to transfer specific data.

  • bookmarks and history: places.sqlite
  • bookmark backups: compressed .jsonlz4 JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder
  • cookies.sqlite for the Cookies
  • formhistory.sqlite for saved autocomplete Form Data
  • logins.json (passwords) and key4.db (58+) or key3.db (57 and older) (decryption key) for Passwords saved in the Password Manager
    if you only have key3.db then make sure to remove an existing key4.db
  • cert9.db (58+) or cert8.db (57 and older) for (intermediate) certificates stored in the Certificate Manager
    if you only have cert8.db then make sure to remove an existing cert9.db
  • persdict.dat for words you added to the spelling checker dictionary
  • permissions.sqlite for Permissions and possibly content-prefs.sqlite for other website specific data (Site Preferences)
  • sessionstore.jsonlz4 for open tabs and pinned tabs (see also the sessionstore-backups folder)

See also:

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

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jru2417 said

I am trying to export all my bookmarks to load the onto a new Pc.

I suggest making two files, one in each of the available formats:

First, press Ctrl+Shift+b to call up the Library window.

Next open the Import and Backup menu, or whatever it was called back in the day. You should find:

  • "Backup" -- this creates a JSON format file with the full details
  • "Export to HTML" -- this creates a cross-browser compatible web page listing your bookmarks

On the receiving Firefox, the corresponding items are as follows, but only use one of them to avoid duplication:

  • "Restore" > "Choose File..." -- this replaces your starter set of bookmarks with the contents of the JSON file
  • "Import bookmarks from HTML" -- this adds the HTML file contents to your starter set of bookmarks

- - - -

For saved logins, see cor-el's reply regarding bringing over logins.json and key3.db, and removing the newer key4.db file so Firefox uses the older key3.db file.