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Firefox devtools Style Editor shows "post" lines, every Fx restart

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If Style Editor is selected (in devtools - Ctrl + Shft + Alt + I) when I restart Firefox to apply changes, scrolling lines showing the browser toolbox connection status, which files it's accessing, etc., scroll down the screen. It also hides the Style Editor screen, until it finishes (several seconds).

It doesn't do this if any other tools were selected (e.g., Inspector) when Fx is restarted. There's a lot more lines than my screenshot shows (need to scroll on the popup, to see the rest). The only thing I found online (may not be current) said this is a message shown when devtools?? thinks it's taking too long to load.

I didn't see it until now, because I mostly used Inspector. But I don't think there's much loading time difference when Inspector or Debugger were selected when restart begins vs. if Style Editor was selected.

I could click another tool before I restart (I won't remember), but I don't see any problem in the time it takes to reload. I'd like to hide the message & its solid color background, if I could find how / where it's controlled.

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Hmm, I've gotten something like that in recent versions, although I didn't bother scrolling it. I began seeing it around the time the Bookmarks Menu switched to using "shadow DOM" elements. Perhaps the Style Editor in the Browser Toolbox was getting style sheets for each bookmark folder?

Anyway, if you wouldn't mind, could you ask the DevTools team on their forum whether there is a known cause and workaround for it:

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IDK. This is the full "Browser Toolbox Connection Status" message (I think) when Browser Toolbox is opening (Ctrl Shft Alt I). It ONLY appears when the Style Editor tool is selected from last session. If a different tool was selected at last shut down or restart, they start almost instantly. I can remove my userChrome file to see if something in it is the problem.

Somewhere I saw a short blip about it displaying when (some monitor?) thinks it's taking too long to load. No clue if that's true. But it's really not taking that long.

Not that the message means anything to most people, but it seems to mention almost every tool. Browser Toolbox connection status:

Connecting to localhost:36409, ws: false Start protocol client for connection Get root form for toolbox Create toolbox target: {

 "form": {
   "actor": "server2.conn0.parentProcessTarget2",
   "browsingContextID": 1,
   "traits": {
     "isBrowsingContext": true
   "url": "chrome://browser/content/browser.xhtml",
   "outerWindowID": 1,
   "consoleActor": "server2.conn0.consoleActor3",
   "inspectorActor": "server2.conn0.inspectorActor4",
   "styleSheetsActor": "server2.conn0.styleSheetsActor5",
   "storageActor": "server2.conn0.storageActor6",
   "memoryActor": "server2.conn0.memoryActor7",
   "framerateActor": "server2.conn0.framerateActor8",
   "reflowActor": "server2.conn0.reflowActor9",
   "cssPropertiesActor": "server2.conn0.cssPropertiesActor10",
   "performanceActor": "server2.conn0.performanceActor11",
   "animationsActor": "server2.conn0.animationsActor12",
   "emulationActor": "server2.conn0.emulationActor13",
   "webExtensionInspectedWindowActor": "server2.conn0.webExtensionInspectedWindowActor14",
   "accessibilityActor": "server2.conn0.accessibilityActor15",
   "screenshotActor": "server2.conn0.screenshotActor16",
   "changesActor": "server2.conn0.changesActor17",
   "webSocketActor": "server2.conn0.webSocketActor18",
   "manifestActor": "server2.conn0.manifestActor19",
   "threadActor": "server2.conn0.thread20"

} Show toolbox with styleeditor selected

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