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I have my Firefox privacy setting set as "Strict", yet Firefox has detected 0 trackers over the past week... I use Google and Ublock origin detects more stuff..

Also, speaking of uBlock Origin (add=ons), I now have got an update for it and seen a dalog from Firefox requesting access to th e iner workings..

Why would this be when uBlock Origin doesn't need to share host-name/IP address or anything previously not done to privide full functionality...

Ideally, isn't this kind of "anti" privacy ? Some add-on that always worked flawless and only NOW after an update,needs access to/ more control to continue what is always did before without?

That raises concern to me from a privacy standpoint..... I'm just wondering though If i should allow it stay with older version...

To me, the way privacy is generally handed would be addon developers get you 'hooked', and to give you calm they tell you the 'added" borderlne privacy they must now have access to, is "required"to usually give you more features or more alerts (just to make anyone feel safer as an add-on protecting you more, when in fact its slowly doing exactly the opposite.. This way by edging more and more overtime, users will by blind to how much access "privacy"add-ons even get.)

My privacy is mine..... so any short-falls like more access when it previously worked ok is an instant 'red flag' to me... and would be with anything.

Any suggestions? I'm sure other people here also in the same boat with uBlock Origion update, and privacy focused, so what did you do?

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If you are also running uBlock Origin, it's possible that it's blocking the trackers before Firefox's internal tracking protection has a chance to. That may make it seem like tracking protection is seeing no trackers.

As for your question about the permission, the release notes for uBlock Origin explain why you are seeing the new permission request:

uBO requires a new permission, dns, which is required to solve issue 780. This may triggers a new permission warning from Firefox when uBO updates to the latest dev build, specifically "Access IP address and hostname information", even though this was already possible for uBO to access that information.

From now on uBO will CNAME-uncloak network requests. CNAME-uncloaked network requests will appear as blue entries in the popup panel and the logger. The uncloaked entries in the popup panel will also show the related aliases (in smaller characters underneath the canonical names).

Network requests which were blocked, redirected, or excepted by a filter/rule are not uncloaked. Canonical hostnames which are first party to the associated alias hostname are not fed back into uBO's filtering engine.

Warning: CNAME-aliased hostnames exist most likely for content delivery purpose, i.e. legitimate.

uBlock is a highly trusted application. The reason for the permission change is to fix something that wasn't fully working.


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ok.. at least i'll go with uBlock catches trackers before FF does.. but i regret the reason for permissions.

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