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70.x is very slow. Have to go back to 61.x (both 64bit)

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I have done clean install of Firefox 70.x after following *all* the help articles I can find here in these forums relating to low laggy Firefox. This is with no add-ons, etc. Basic Clean install of 70.x The issue remains. I still use Flash on a couple of sites so I have it installed after troubleshooting. I did have the install for 68?? and it has the issue too, after clean install. Not sure of the exact number but closer to the newer 70.x

Loading all sites is just slow! Tried from 3 different ISPs. Usually it shows the TSL Handshake lag but not always. Disabling the antivirus fixes the issue BUT I have tried Avast, AVG and E-Set. All have the same allergic reaction with Firefox while Google Chrome remains fast to load no matter how "heavy" of an Internet Security I use.

I am at a loss and hate have to go back to 61.x to fix this issue. It is fast and smooth with any Internet Security available. 62.x just loads like NOW. No delay... :( Hours of uninstalling and reinstalling different software to prove to myself that the newer FireFox is very slow if you use any Internet Security.

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Another user previously said that turning off the Enable HTTPS Scanning in Avast fixed their issue with a long TLS Handshake lag.

In Avast, that setting is in Settings > Protection > Core Shields > Web Shield if you need help finding it. Perhaps it can help solve your problem as well.

Hope this helps.

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  • Uninstall unused programs. (AP) ...
  • Delete temporary files. Whenever you use internet Explorer all your browsing history remains in the depths of your PC. ...
  • Install a solid state drive. (Samsung) ...
  • Get more hard drive storage. (WD) ...
  • Stop unnecessary start ups. ...
  • Get more RAM. ...
  • Run a disk defragment. ...
  • Run a disk clean-up.
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Thanks for the replies. I have tried 3 different Antivirus with/without promiscuous website scanning. No help :/

I am using Winodws 7 Pro. No unneeded software. Temp files are deleted weekly within the Browsers and CCleaner. I have two 1Tb AData SSD Drives. Using 16Gb DDR4 RAM. Startups are clean. Quick Defragged (Trim) Weekly.

Maybe get some feedback from people running Win 7 Pro. (Win10 still lags and too many superfluous blot-ware, etc.) Hate to see Win 7 going away. Is the best OS in years.

All ideas appreciated. I am at the end of my 32 years experience with MS Operating Systems and 32 MS Cert.s I really don't want to start editing FF Config Files as future upgrades will be a drag remembering what to edit again.

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1. Remove unused extensions 2. Clear out the cache and cookies 3. Uninstall and reinstall your browser 4. Manage your tabs 5. Get extra help

-Speed Tweaks for Firefox- Extensions such as Speed Tweaks for Firefox can help.

Plenty of desktop programs clean up browser clutter too. These include the reliable (and free) CCleaner for Windows and macOS, CleanMyMac for macOS, and System Mechanic for Windows. The apps let you regularly tidy up after your browser, and they come with a bunch of options for optimizing the other programs you've got installed too.

One final way to speed up your browsing is to reduce the amount of data reaching your computer. Google's Data Saver extension for Chrome does just this, compressing sites on Google's servers before sending them to you. HTTPS sites—for social media, banking, shopping and so on—aren't included, but you can still significantly cut down on the data you use and the time pages take to load.

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So sorry. If you read the above posts you will see these have already been done. Thanks for the interest. Still need to figure this out.