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Firefox frequently stutters, lags, and results in severe input delay

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This has only been happening for about a week or so, but it seems to be getting gradually worse and worse to the point where I'm considering just using another browser. Basically what is happening is that whenever I'm using Firefox, it will very frequently stutter/lag. And by "frequently" I mean once every 2-4 seconds. This stutter hangs for about another 1-2 seconds before any inputs I attempted will suddenly and quickly catch up.

For instance, if I'm typing (like I'm doing with this description) it will regularly hang as I type for about a second or two. I can still type while it is hanging, but nothing will appear on the screen until it finishes its stutter, then it will suddenly just display everything that I typed.

-Important note: When I say "hangs" I don't mean in the tradition sense where the browser goes unresponsive. The browser does not freeze. In the case of me typing in a text box, the cursor still blinks as if it is waiting for input. If I'm watching a video, the video will continue to play, etc. What is "hanging" is literally my ability to input anything.

Another example: Scrolling. I'll attempt to scroll, then it will hang for a moment, then quickly jump to the location it 'should' have scrolled to.

This goes for literally any input. And Like I said before, it seems to be getting worse and worse gradually over time. It started as a negligible little hiccup that happened randomly. Then it got more frequent and more pronounced. Now I can't even type a full word without it lagging out. Just earlier I was watching a youtube video and tried to click my mouse to pause the video... but the video didn't pause for a full 3 seconds until after I clicked my mouse.

Things I have done so far:

  • I made sure I was using the most recent version of Firefox (69.0)
  • I downloaded chrome to test if that gave me the same issues. It did not. Everything worked super smoothly.
  • I looked at the resources Firefox was using in task manager and Firefox uses about 530mb of memory, and hovers between 4-11% of CPU usage.
  • I have already attempted a restore for Firefox, which did nothing to fix the issue.
  • I've made sure my graphics drivers where up to date.
  • I've disabled hardware acceleration in the settings.

I've been using Firefox for over 12 years now and I really don't want to switch browsers... but I don't know what else I can do.

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Hi R3,

Sorry to hear you're having issues with a constant stuttering with input (mouse / keyboard). Just curious if you tried to restarting in Safe Mode{link} to see if the problem could be related to an extension.

If you haven't already, you could try to create a New Profile {link}

Are there any other issues besides text/mouse lag like video stuttering?

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I have already done a full restore of Firefox, which reset all settings, customizations and extensions. This did not address the problem. However, as per what you said, I did just try to run in Safe Mode, which also did not fix the problem.

I also just attempted to create a new profile, which had no effect either.

The only issues are input lag. Things that happen in the browser don't lag at all. A video will play perfectly even in the middle of a stutter. Earlier I was watching a video that I attempted to pause by clicking my mouse, but the video didn't pause until a full 3 seconds after I clicked my mouse.

Edit: I just attempted a full uninstallation and reinstallation of firefox and that did not fix the problem.

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Make sure all of the computer's software is up to date.

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What else besides my graphics would I have to update? I'm pretty sure I'm fairly up to date with everything. I haven't installed anything recently other than the 69.0 update.

Plus, I tested other browsers and they work perfectly fine.

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R3 said

For instance, if I'm typing (like I'm doing with this description) it will regularly hang as I type for about a second or two. I can still type while it is hanging, but nothing will appear on the screen until it finishes its stutter, then it will suddenly just display everything that I typed.

I might be plucking at straws here, but, rarely, I notice an occasional lag now and then when I'm replying to a thread (like I am now). Remember that this is over the internet. Has anything changed about your internet connection?

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It has nothing to do with the internet connection. It's literally a delay my input to the action actually happening. If I click on something, it takes 2 seconds for it to register that I clicked it. This goes for non-internet related things as well, like opening the browser options.

Anyway, while the problem still persists, I have found a temporary solution!

I have reverted back to Firefox 68.0.2.

This version is running very smoothly and doesn't even have a hint of lag or hitches. I still have the 69.0 version installed in a separate directory. Obviously something in that 69.0 update did not sit right with my computer. I'll wait until the next update to see if anything has changed.

I appreciate everyone's help anyway.

EDIT: Okay, so the work around is no longer beneficial because Firefox keeps automatically downloading and installing 69.0 upon starting up. There is no way for me to disable this. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled 68.0.2 like 10 times now trying to quickly boot the browser, rush to the options and quickly disable auto-updates... but it's not possible to do so.

Fortunately, I learned of Firefox ESR. I downloaded that in 68.1 and it seems to be okay now. To be safe I still disabled auto-updates, though.

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I called for more help.