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Thunderbird 68 update made all my addons inoperable

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I just updated Thunderbird to version 68. Now none of my addons work; indicated "incompatible".

I just updated Thunderbird to version 68. Now none of my addons work; indicated "incompatible".
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I was able to get 60.9.01 installed, however, everytime I start up I get the pop-up google credentials authenticator. Over and over. If I click synchronize in the calendar tab I get the credentials google pop-up!

Thanks a lot Mozilla for wasting my entire morning after you pushed the v68 update onto my computer.

V68 SUCKS!!!!@!!!!!#$%#%#

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Provider for google calendar 68.2.1 works with 68.0

gcontactsync Thunderbird 68 should work with version 3.1.6 and later

auto-resize-image TB v68 compatibility note: There is no plan to move the addon to the TB v68 "standards" Sorry nothing on this one.

Manually sort folders 2.0.2 Works with Thunderbird 68.0 - *

'Quick Folder Move' is created by the same person who does 'Provider for google calendar'. I know that one is in the pipeline version 1.7.0, so there should be one soon.

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google "calendar 68.2.1 issues"

No thank you, this update was a bad idea, not supporting addons

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try in isnsytalling and reinstalling it it should work

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I tried that, I have to re authenticate with google everytime I start TB. That v68 messed me all morning.

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no i did not fully uninstall i had just update over the existing version and i did not uninstall the older add on either at first.

but when i did i still could not get the emojis to work. I am using thunder bird though Comcast mail account Imap not sure if that has any thing to do with it but I still does not work there are other add ons that do not work either. I wish that some of the developer would make some of the old add on compatible

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no i did not fully uninstall the older version i had just updated over the older version and did not remove the old addon s at first but then did and emojis still did not work. There are other add ons that are still not compatible. I am using Thunderbird through Comcast mail account Imap account wheter that is a problem or not i have no idea I also have some ad blockers and am using Norton security suite again not sure if this has any bearing.

I chose to stay with 60.9.1 until all add ons are compatible

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I had the same issue, broke my add-ons I use everyday.

I installed v60 (Thunderbird Setup 60.9.1.exe) and then removed and reinstalled the add-ons. It tooks all morning and part of an afternoon.

Before the reinstall, be sure to backup your TB Profile. I then took my computer off the internet and installed the V60. WHen I first started up, I went to the Tools->Options, Select Update tab, Select the "never update..." option. Then click OK. I then turned internet back on. I did not want the issue of getting the v68 again when I opened up v60 of TB. I plan on using v60 for many years to come or until they get a TB that has the add-ons I use.

I then got an issue where after reinstalling Lightning and the Google Calendar Provider that it kept asking for my Google login over and over and over. I would put in my Google credentials and it would then ask for them again at TB startup or when I went to synchronize the calendar. After spending another 2+ hours trying to fix this issue I came across the solution in a post, see below. It worked! The Google calendar works just like it used to and I am again happy using TB.

If you get a repeating Google login for the calendar try this fix.

Go to Tools->Options menu, select "Advanced" icon, select "General" tab, click "Config Editor" button, click "I accept the risk!", search for "general.useragent.compatMode.firefox" if it shows "false" double click to change to "true", exit TB, startup TB, enter your credentials one LAST time when it prompts. The repeating issue stopped - Thanks to Yew Kay Yan for this post!

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I went back to 60.9.1 and everything worked ll my addons were there

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need to uninstall and reinstall but i also hate the 68 versions Thunderbird is getting to the point where no one is going to sta with them

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my client is Comcast that is how i get Thunderbird mail it is a Comcast.account have no i dea about Google

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