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I have been cyber attacked on major level and Mozilla Firefoox, Mozilla Firefox Dev ed and Thunderbird ARE ALL VICTIMS AS I AM.

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In short, I have now been major cyber attacked by over one year (sure of 8 months). The thing is why I am writing also here (also informed F-secure also), is that total privacy (that ofc is the idea of Mozilla and Thunderbird). The one part of the cyber attack or rather attacks are (tried to) hide themselves by using ie. in the Mozilla, Mozilla Dev Ed. and Thunderbird as "fronts" to do their illegal stealing of all private info. The attack actually pings every 2 minutes everything about what I have done (software, settings, keylogger etc...) and sending it forwards.

As the issue is so huge, I am quite lost what to send you goodhearted people helping here and I am sorry that my message is quite "to the point", but as I am not a newbie with ICT I am trying to save scrambling about and go to the point. I hope you do not think offensively about me for that....

Pls. you can also find me from Linkedin, by my name: Markus Östberg, innoxation Helsinki, Finland and if you can also rather help by that way, please just send me a connection request, I will accept it. If i may ask just put some msg, that this is about the Mozilla issue, because I would not rather want my Linkedin to turn into Instagram or something else (I hope you take no offence and can undertand my wish, it is only that, a wish)

I suspect Illegal usage of MS Azure (as info is sent to both Akamai (MS Azure server base in Holland) and to Amazonaws (to be exact I suspect Amazon S3). The attack does not end there, it is also connected to my both cells (Samsung s9 and Huawei Honow 7S). WIn 10 home has client server, group admin policies, Async, Active Directory, SharedDNS etc...

Also information is sent to the cells by cookies and bc.googleconsent. So everything is connected together.

I am using F-Secure safe (in both Laptop and both cells) and it can go trough and fool the anti-virus, but when looking at the ie. right of the apps on android, it seems that they have been given huge boost (the most rights I have counted is 112. Meaning that they can take over everything in my phone, make calls, close calls, find out every connection, take over bluetooth, wifi etc... Also Firefox is influenced there just as it is on the Laptop (HP Omen).

I am sorry for my hurried input, but as the thing is so huge, I think that if the main company (Mozilla) is willing, I think this needs a direct communication, or with some other goodhearted person.

As the spiders are collecting phone numbers, I will give it personally to anyone why is willing to help. I hope someone would be....

My e mail is (regardless of spider) mark us point ost berg the sign innoxation point FInland....

I hope that makes any sense, just take out the spaces between k and u and t and b. The point meand dot and Finalnd is dot fi.

I hope it makes sense, but you can also contact me trought LinkedIn if anyone wants to help me + also the illegal abuse of the mozilla brand and software...

Thank you in advance, Markus Östberg

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Firstly, sorry to hear that you are the victim of a cyber-attack of this magnitude. Unfortunately, it's all too common in the modern age of technology.

I'm afraid I don't really understand what you are asking in your thread. It sounds like the problem isn't really directly related to Firefox or Mozilla. It sounds more like a standard malware infection, which your security software should have detected.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend scanning your computer for malware. Most scanners will likely be able to detect the issue for you. If you've already run a scan, but are still experiencing issues, you can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:

Further information can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware article.

After that, you should go about the standard malware recovery procedure, which involves changing all of your passwords (preferably from another computer that was not impacted by the attack) and removing any illegitimate programs that you may have installed on your computer.

I'd probably also recommend doing a clean reinstall of Firefox to make sure that the program hasn't been hijacked by this malware. Perhaps refreshing Firefox may also be in order.

Hope this helps.

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If using various malware scanners does not fix it or if you are blocked from installing those scanners then ask advice at a forum that specializes in malware removal.

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Thank you very much for your kind reply Wesley Branton and cor-el!

The problem is bigger than one might think. As it start with BIOS. So, I am not sure but personally I have never seen settings like ODD memory, memory remapping etc.. They seem to be connected to a thing where the malware/cyber attack etc. seems to store as a memlock a piece of its "malware" for a lacking better word.

That means that when you take one memstick (DDR4, DDR3, So-dimm etc). It will never go back to any other computer as it size has been changed by the ODD ratio. Two things more: you can put even RAID on wit only one HDD w/o the BIOS having any problems with it. And as a third thing, I think it was an ASUS desktop (I have had to crash some harware before i finally fiqured at least some of it out). So when you want to flash bios, go to Tools -> Flash Bios -> Internet = You actually get drives called FS!, FS2, FS3 and FS4 (as in Linux) and they contain files from other computers on the same house...

So cor-el is right in the issue that I can install everything I want, but they are STUB-coded versions, so they do not act as they should.... Also the Windows is always .mui (i believe it to be multiple user interface).

So, the attack is total and very hard to handle. It is now with F-Secure, but the main reason was that there was not a really good place to put a notice like this which infridges all rights of Mozilla and its brand (as its leaking all info from it to the culprit).

And BTW without installing ANY additional parts to either Firefox nor Firefox Dev from fresh install of either WIN and/or Firefox and/or Virus software, they all have so multiple instaces (Mozilla dev ed ie. 5 instances, Firefox four instances, Crome may have even 12 instances w/o any additional installations / meaning additional parts installed to any of those).

And more or less this is also a question has anyone else experiences so heavy cyber attack and after getting some kind answers as above, maybe try to ask Mozilla if they want to do something about the thing, as thir software is being misused (ie. mutant/mutex code is run under Firefox and firefox dev. (taken DMP's and ran then thru Autopsy/sleuthkit)....

I do not know if this helps any, but thank you for your replies!

Best regards, Markus

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Hello! Sorry to make another message. I (as you can see) am new using these forums. So I clicked on the button that Need more info to provide. Duh. Now I am quite sure that I meant myself and, what I meant was that I would need Myself more information (if any available). If this is the case, I am deeply sorry and thus saying that, I personally do not have more information as the matter is so big, that any help would be of use. Sorry and thank you in advance.

  • Noticed the box changed: I am provided the requested information, thus this message...

Best regards, Markus

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If your system is still infected then you will need a computer shop to diagnosis the problem and remove it. Or have IT look at the problem as well. Also once you use Admin/Owner account without password anything that install will do so as though you gave the permission to install. If you password protect the Admin/Owner account and make a standard user Account any attempts to install will be blocked.