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when i click a link on desktop sometimes firefox just spins and goes no where.. then i can turn on in safe mode and right back to regular mode and all is ok aga

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if i leave firefox inactive for a while.. ie... open waterfox while firefox is also open ... then go back to firefox... ie to check my bank account ... when i click on the link from desktop... a blank tab opens .. how ever nothing happens.. and also none of the other tabs will open either... the little ball just spins an spins... i can start firefox in safe mode.. do nothing .. close it down.. open it back up and all is fine.. but i do have to go through that procedure for it to start working again.. its very puzzling to say the least.. and i cant remember if it had this problem before the last update or not... another note.. the same thing happens if i open another browser.. ie opera or chrome.. i have not tried closing firefox before opening the other browsers.. not sure how that would make any difference though.. because in the past i have had several different browsers open at the same time and not experienced this problem... closing firefox and reopening it doesnt fix the problem.. i have to go through the safe mode process for it to begin to work again..

thanks in advance for any help that you can give on this subject.. Mel