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Feb 2019, yet again with the latest update we lost Tabs on Bottom [which in fact means tabs just above and part of the pages] so we are back stuck with the Chrome clone of having Tabs right at the top of the browser. Well for all those people who enjoy a Chrome clone 'bully for you', I hate it, and it can not be solved by normal settings. The fact that the solution lies somewhere in a Chrome coding excercise means that Firefox is now being buit on the Chrome framework, so somewhere in there probably lurks the chrome [read google] 'information dragnet'. That's shut the door as far as I am concerned. I found that Pale Moon still offers 'tabs on bottom'. [so atop the web page] Even Vivaldi, which I am sure is also a chrome clone offers a real Tabs at the bottom, so actually at the bottom of the web page. No after years of use I am kicking Firefox into touch [so expunging]. Now I have to wonder how long it's going to take before I am forced to discard Thunderbird! Oh yes, it says somewhere I should not use the term Firefox is broken... well folks: IT IS

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Firefox is very different than Chrome, tabs being on top is a superficial difference. You appear to be confused because the "hack" to customize the Firefox user interface is called userChrome.css. It has nothing to do with Chrome the browser (in fact it existed long before Google had thought of Chrome the browser). Chrome in this context refers to the User Interface (Chrome = The parts of the browser you can see).

In Firefox 65 there was a minor change that caused the previous hack to put tabs on bottom to break. You can easily re-apply the change. However, you should know this isn't supported and may break again in the future.

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Pity about the chrome confusion [Mozillas bad] Still does not solve the tab problem. in about:config the tabs on top line is gone so that hack true or false is no longer a workround. And whether its google chrome or not does not change the fact that the 'repair' requires some kind of coding excercise. Since the tabs variables have been torn from normal settings its been a problem. Now it's become too involved. The fact that whatever I do my solution could break again is enough for me.... I'm out

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Ok, sorry to see you go! I'll close your support request as there doesn't seem to be anything that we could say to keep you. Obviously, we'll always welcome you back if you decide to give Firefox another try!

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See this support article about "tabs on bottom".