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Copy Paste into Word Loses All Formatting

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So, I haven't used Firefox for a few years, since they broke most of the good long-time add-ons such as Speeddial & TabMixPlus.

I decided to give it another try, since I've been with it from the very beginning.

I was using FVD Speeddial on Opera until they broke speedials so they could put their ads on the front page. Then i switched to Chrome, and it was easy because it has FVD Speeddial as well. I'm really definitely no fan of cloud backups to random companies, but it seems Firefox has gone the same way, FVD Speeddial is the only decent option on Firefox now, and When trying to make that my home-page, it was a bit tricky/shady.

Anyway, Copying and Pasting from Chrome to Word is a breeze, everything is retained, colors, fonts, line spacing everything. I really thought that was just any browsers capability. I'm certain Firefox of old never had this problem, but when I tried to Copy and Paste from FireFox all the formatting was lost. This is a brand New Installation, with only FVD SpeedDial installed as the only add-on. I thought it was a problem with my Office at first. I couldn't believe Firefox broke everything.

Anyway, you guys are really just not doing well anymore, and I don't know why or wtf happened. it's almost like you just dgaf anymore. You say you're made for people, yet try your best to look like browsers who dgaf about people and only care about profits. You need to go beg forgiveness from all the add on developers you've screwed over.

Unfortunately I just still can't use Firefox in its current state.

Best of Luck getting it working

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Just tried starting Firefox in Safe Mode and the same thing happened. Tried Disabling All the Add-ons, Tried installing any Copy Add-ons I could Find, Disabled Accessibility Services & Restarted, nothing has worked.

Its gotta be built in to Firefox.

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about:config has a setting: clipboard.plainTextOnly

It was already set to False, changing it or any related config settings with the words Copy, Clipboard, or Text in them did nothing either.

Neither did turning off Site Content Blocking and any Site Security measures

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I think the fact that you've even broken IE Tabs+ and IE View etc, and nobody has created an add-on which renders the current page in IE or Chrome or Opera etc, we can just assume you've done something extremely asinine like make the Firefox Rendering Engine completely Xenophobic and self-indulgent.

Thats not being safe, that's just being Aholes.

Modified by Chinarabbit

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I can copy the text here and paste to word and there are three options:

1. Keep source formatting 2. merge formatting 3. Keep text only

So what version of word are we talking about? I have no issue so since no one can see how your computer it setup to reproduce the errors it would steam from something on your side only.

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Firefox only copies inline style rules that are part of the elements that you copy. When styles are applied via CSS files then these rules won't be included and you end up with unformatted text.

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cor-el said

Firefox only copies inline style rules that are part of the elements that you copy. When styles are applied via CSS files then these rules won't be included and you end up with unformatted text.

Well that's a gigantic portion of the Internet. It also doesn't excuse the fact that they're forcing us all into a very IE-like experience, literally the very reason anyone every started using Firefox in the first place.

It should be up to us to turn it on and it should definitely work for trusted sites, or at the very least, sites that you manually whitelist.

There's just shite for options, everything is created the way we all hated IE for, around someone's own personal opinions about how it should be.

Its a widespread problem with programmers in general, and its called Megalomania, Narcissism, and Cocky Arrogance, and thinking the entire fkn world revolves around you and your hair-brained ideas that you think are better than everyone else's.

I'm honestly surprised that Firefox is even still around. I don't know anyone who uses it anymore, and I've been using Browsers since long before the 1st version of Netscape came out, before IE, back before browsers and HTML even.

Firefox is everything we've always hated about the world's crappiest developers.

Their attitude is exactly the same as every little wannabe "techy" scrub that learned a programming language and thinks he should now control the way the world works.

Whatever, enjoy your little cartoon experience, I'm out.