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FF64 in OSX Sierra what is blocking Javascript?

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Accustomed to using 52.9.0 (64-bit) ESR with OSX El Capitan. Installed FF 64 on new computer running OSX Sierra. So massive differences, annoying.

This page says Javascript needs to be enabled to open the TV schedule:

The addon Javascript Toggle On and Off says its ENABLED

This page says its DISABLED:

The new version of NoScript is much less functional. Can only toggle groups of types of scripts, I cannot select from individual scripts anymore. Sad. Why did they reduce its usefulness that way? Site is Temporarily Trusted

The FF "green padlock" doesn't indicate any blockable content This would be a convenient place from which to toggle Javascript !!!

Other self-defense addons: Ghostery Disconnect AdBlock Plus Decentraleyes Disable WebRTC Flash Block Plus HTTPS Everywhere Privacy Badge Privacy Possum uBlock Origin

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typo: Privacy BadgeR.