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I detest Firefox Quantum. How can I go back to Firefox 29 - 56 ?

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A pop-up appeared on my computer, asking me to install the latest upgrade to Firefox, stating that it was a “security upgrade”.

I installed it and found that I the whole appearance of Firefox had changed.

This new version is aesthetically disgusting with its sharp angles and black tabs, which are incredibly difficult to read. These tabs are now fixed at the top of the window, whereas I want them where I’ve always kept them, below the Bookmarks Toolbar.

I can’t put the tabs back where they belong, below the Bookmarks Toolbar, with Classic Theme Restorer because with this latest so-called “upgrade”, Classic Theme Restorer is now “no longer compatible with my version of Firefox.”

Why would anybody want tabs at the top of the window anyway ? It is now impossible to drag the Firefox window around my screen with the mouse as I’ve always done, and as I still do with any other window, because clicking and dragging on the tab at the top only creates a new duplicate Firefox window.

I’ve also lost other add-ons due to this so-called “upgrade” , including my regular FTP client, FireFTP and its associated FireFTP Button.

I was happy with the way Firefox worked in the past: the Firefox I’m stuck wiyth now is an abomination. I want to go back to the Firefox I had yesterday not this bullshit pretentious version I’ve been saddled with today.

I want to return to Firefox 29 - 56 but of course, you won’t allow that. No one in the Firefox Empire is permitted to go back to what used to be !

I could possibly even accept that, if you’d bothered to inform us in your original pop-up that this was not just a security improvement but a full upgrade which, if accepted, would drastically alter Firefox on my computer. Of course you didn’t say that, or anything like it. Your dishonesty is breath-taking.

I’ve been using Firefox since the beginning: before that I was using the Mozilla browser. There used to be rhyme and reason to Firefox’s upgrades: now they just seem to be developments made for the sake of innovation, with no other reason. I’ve had a bellyful of the modern Firefox. If you won’t let me change Firefox back to the way I want it, and always had it, I’ll just have to get rid of it.

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Hi, guess not read anything about Quantum then, or that you customize it in 250 million ways including getting rid of the sharp corners. By userChrome (Note userChrome was in Firefox before there was a Google)

Can ask for code to change just about anything, examples in 2nd URL including the code to move Tabs Below.

FTP well can not do anything about that one but there is a great Stand Alone :

Customize and move controls :

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I'm not a techy and I've more to do with my time than try and work out how to code the changes I need. It was all there in Classic Theme Restorer: I was happy with that. Now you've lumbered us with a new version of Firefox with an interface that looks ugly, is hard to read, is no longer intuitive and is much harder to use. Why the hell couldn't you just include features such as Tabs Below as standard alternatives in your new scheme. And ffs get rid of the black tabs — they're too hard to read.

I loathe this new version of Firefox — I just want to go back to 56, where I had no problems I couldn't handle.

You stuffed up Thunderbird a few years ago, so i went to Apple Mail; now you're stuffing up Firefox. I suppose there's always Safari, if you refuse to help me get back to Firefox 56.

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Apologies for my bad manners, Pkshadow — I should have thanked you for your answer. The "you" in my last post was directed at Mozilla's developers, which I now realise don't necessarily include you

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You can change to a light theme either on the Add-ons page or using Customize (Themes button at the bottom).

You can implement most of the tweaks from Classic Theme Restorer using custom style rules posted by its author. Yes, it definitely takes longer to go through a configuration file and select changes you want than to use check boxes in a dialog, but at least you have the option. See:

Also: Install an older version of Firefox. You probably were using 52.9.0esr before.