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Latest Firefox Developer Edition deletes all bookmark properties.

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I am using the latest version of Firefox Developer Edition (62.0b2). Up until recently operation of the bookmark properties (right-click on a bookmark) remained identical to the old standard Firefox. I used the properties to store various information about a link (typically user name and hint of password). But some time within the past few weeks an update to Developer Edition included a complete overhaul of bookmark properties and all of mine were deleted. Can anyone explain what is happening and I can restore my bookmark properties?

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Hi, I would non what so ever. I do not know something about a overhaul, you would know as your running a beta. Look at the Help --> About page and click What's New, it maybe listed there or give reference to it.

The only way would be to have a backup as you should :

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Separate Security Issue, please update your Flash 26.0 r0 Flash Player Version: Current Version Step 1: Select Operating System Step 2: Select A Version (Firefox, . . . .) Note: Other software is offered in the download. <Windows Only>

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Here is what I mean by an "overhaul" of the bookmark properties:

First, the old props for a typical link (facebook). Notice that I have stored my name and password.

Now the "overhaul." Firefox has changed the properties window and has NOT imported my bookmark properties:

I am unable to restore these properties myself because if they still exist Firefox is hiding them from me. Where are my properties? I have HUNDREDS of them in links that are now gone.

p.s. "What's new" gives this message: "We’re still preparing the notes for this release, and will post them here when they are ready. Please check back later."

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Fx 62 doesn't display the Description field for bookmarks, as that feature has been deprecated. Then in Fx 64 that Description field will be removed from the Places.sqlite file completely.

Here's another Bug report where continued support for that feature was denied a couple years ago.

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Note that there is a hidden description field that is used for the about:newtab page. I don't know if this field will be exposed to the user interface.

Bug 1460577 - [meta] Remove support for bookmark annotations Bug 1467131 - Clean up bookmark annotation data once annotations have been removed Bug 1402890 - Stop supporting and remove the description annotation Bug 1463738 - Remove the Bookmark description UI [62]

(please do not comment in bug reports

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If I may chime in here briefly - while I do not know the answer to your predicament, I empathize as I have experienced the loss of MY cherished bookmarks due to an unfortunate update a while back, and I wasn't running a beta version. FF bookmarks, in my experience, cannot be trusted. Periodically I export them to an html page, but generally speaking, I avoid them and use Linkman instead.

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You are entitled to your opinion, but the Owner of this thread has experienced something entirely different than "lost bookmarks". As I posted and cor-el posted further information about, the removal of that Description field was a planned "feature change" to Firefox.

It's a shame that you didn't ask for support for your "lost bookmarks" because Firefox does automatically backup bookmarks daily and it retains the 15 most recent backups. IOW, the user has two weeks (assuming daily use of Firefox) to restore a backup until they would all be overwritten.

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My Firefox updated this morning and now all my bookmark information is gone. How do I get it back? This is rediculous. I to use this area to store hints to paswords and such. I want my information back. How could you do such a rediculous thing?

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As I mentioned to uncanny 3 weeks ago, this thread was about the Description field in Bookmarks > Properties not being visable in Firefox 62 and later versions. Unrelated to "all my bookmark information is gone."