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Are you going to fix the problem with Firefox freezing the PC when it stumbles upon and loads "badly coded" websites?

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Or whatever is the problem? ok, some context. Ever since I upgraded (with some lag because, yes, I did expect this, to some extent) to quantum, Firefox is regularly freezing my PC by hogging ALL of the RAM. (Win7 PC, 8GB RAM)

I checked via taskmanager etc and usually it´s some variant of millions of javascript or scripts being loaded. For whatever reason, since most cases I am not doing anything active with it, just reading in my ao3-tab. And the thing is, as I said, I expected some problems. The last big update before that I had similar problem, though to a lesser extent. But with a few updates that went away. Not this time.

It appears to be fairly independent of the number of tabs opened, too. I am admittedly something of a tab-messy, so my first attempt to was to cut down to a few windows with maybe a dozen to twenty tabs in-all. I even started a with a single window and like 3 tabs. No diff. and no, no youtube there, btw. Deactivated the few addons I had on. no diff.

I really did not want to have to google this problem, so I waited, hoping for a helpful update. and no improvements came my way. So I did look here, and yes I did have to update my graphics drivers (geforce) and yes I did deactivate the Hardware acceleration in Options - General, and yes I did tell Firefox to assume my PC is on the weak side and use "2" instead of the default. To exactly no effect.

And I keep reading, in each of these threads, that, hey, maybe the user should check which evil website is doing this, and some grumpy lizard part of my brain has by now turned into a volcano. I had my PC "freeze" three, hah, no, four times while I typed this here. (as in, the RAM maxxes out for periods of.. up to half an hour, during which the entire PC is best left untouched)

Yes, I do have other windows open. No, I did not do anything with them. Are you seriously trying to tell my that the new and improved browser of the future cannot handle that? did you somehow include something that makes the browser routinely look through all its tabs and just reload them (and any potential crap-scripts) because hey shits and giggles?

And, please, are you really telling me this new improved browser was not checked in how he deals with websites that are not made to standard?? This is the internet. This has been the internet for decades. any kind of standard being used in any kind of fashion is a niceity, a fluke almost, are you really telling me to just not browse sites that might (as has unfortunately become the norm) load something or other from other websites, be it for ads or statistics or whatever?? really????

No I have not killed my profile yet. I have used this profile for several years, and now I actually went and got a tool to export my PW-data. Getting ready to torch it. Will update if that fixes it.

But, really. What exactly did you do that made a functioning browser into this awful zombie? and can you please fix it. Because seriously, much as I got my rant on, the very idea of version 0.3 of the newest bestest browser reacting to uncomfortable/messy websites/content in such manner is just absurd. As is the idea of routinely reloading every tab, no matter if it is currently needed. That would certainly be a double killer, to load all scripts/media and then do it in a way that makes it into an eternal loop of doom. please tell me it´s not like that. And please tell me when it is/might be fixed. because like this I can´t use it.

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There are standarts. These standarts must use a browser and website developers. Firefox team do this. Website's creators don't. I reccomend just to stop to visit a bad coded site, because while we do that they continue to make a bad code.

Use NoScript to block bad JS.

I'm web developer too and know this situation. Sometimes I am in horrible when somebody gives to me code from others.

If you need what is the best version of Firefox. I recommend use 52 ESR. But you must transfer your bookmarks and others by manually.

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Please create a new Profile to see if that solves your issues.

Profiles don't last forever, and with major changes to Firefox as we saw with Firefox 57 Quantum back in Nov 2017 - that is the time to start afresh with a new Profile.

As far as using NoScript goes, it is a very powerful tool; but it requires constant attention for the user. Used correctly JavaScript needs to be enabled domain-by-domain for each new website the user visits, and with the number of "social" domains (and advertising domains) that popular websites draw JavaScript from the user may need to 'toggle' JavaScript on for 20 or more domains with every new website that they go to. Not so bad once the user 'trains' NoScript to learn what the user wants enabled for each of their most used websites, but when the user explores new websites those will need to be dealt with. It's just too damn much work to use -- and I have been using NoScript since it first came out, like 15 years ago.

As far as using Firefox 52 ESR goes; one more security update and that's it! It goes EOL in September. Plus most of your current extensions in Firefox 59 won't be compatible with that old version.