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e-mail password-error message dialogue appearing on-top interrupts typing in password dialogue for the following e-mail accounts.

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Typing in erroneous password for one of e-mail accounts (registered in Thunderbird) causes next account password input be interrupted by password-error message dialogue appearing on the top of everything!

It happens as long as I remember.

now in Thunderbird ver. 52.7.0 (32 bit) on Win-7 x64 platform.

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Try pressing <Esc>

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dear FredMcD I'm afraid You missed the point.

Let say I have 3 e-mail accounts and I'm login in to all 3 my mail boxes - one by one - to check messages.

In first password dialogue window I have made mistake and now I'm already typing in password to second mailbox, during which I'm interrupted with password error message-dialog window appearing on top of the second one and stealing focus to itself. If I notice that the second password dialogue is definitively interrupted and I'm in an other dialog. If I didn't notice that, part of the second password will be on second dialogue window and rest of it on the error message dialogue window or - in best - I will be definitely and unrecoverably interrupted in the middle of signing to the second mailbox by error message.

There are several consequences and options to solve it but all that is real pain in a...

How it should work - IMHO: If the first one pass was wrong the dialogue window - informing me that there is password problem and asking to try again - should appear UNDER the second password dialogue already being filed in and simultaneously the focus shouldn't switch to the error message but let me finish second password dialogue (or all next dialogues) before error problem will be reported and offered to be corrected. Nothing should jump up i the front of any other password dialogue nor steel focus from password dialogue already in progress!

I hope this time it is clarified and not to over-spoken. I'm sorry for my poor English.

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Your English is fine.

You are trying to log into 3 different accounts at the same time? Have you tried logging into one account at a time?

Sorry, but I am not quite grasping what is going on.

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1. Assume I have 3 e-mail accounts on several domains. 2. I have added those accounts to my Thunderbird client to collect all the e-mails in one place but different Th.client folders/accounts. 3. Thunderbird client is set up to offer me to sign into all active/registered in Th.client e-mail accounts during Th.client start-up. 4. Obviously I'm typing in those passwords manually. 5. Th. client starts showing me first-password-input-dialogue for the 1-st e-mail account server where I'm typing in first password. 6. Accepting it with <OK> or <ENTER> will cause (should) Th.client to log me into the first e-mail account sever/provider. Checking my password happens in background, while on foreground - in mean time - I'm offered by Th.client to fill in password dialogue for 2-nd e-mail account (as it should be). 7. If everything is correct (especially my first password) I'm being logged (in background) in to 1-st e-mail server and my new mails are being downloaded, while second password is being processed (in background) and next account third-password-dialogue is being offered to be filled in ..

At least this is how it should work if human being was perfect - but so often I'm not.

If I will make mistake typing in one of previous/former accounts passwords error-password-dialogue will interrupt next-account-password-dialogue(s) and spoil my effort to log into next-email-account(s).

The main problem is that the: 1. previous-password-error-dialogue is popping up on the top of next-password-dialogue-window being filled in at the moment, covering it that I can't even see how many password letters/signs I have typed in; I'm lost where I am in the process of typing second password - now this password also must be retyped from the beginning but fortunately I haven't accepted it yet, unfortunately window is in background - I had to get to it (sort out popped-up-error-window) and get of rubbish there CTRL+A and retype it again; 2. popping up previous-password-error-dialogue is steeling focus from next-password-dialogue-window and interrupting typed in there password often before I can notice; Therefore I must deal with error-dialogue which brings dialog window to correct first-erroneous-password - on top obviously. After correcting it I will get to covered windows to retype interrupted-second-password.

And how I think it should work : If any erroneous password has been typed in, Th.client doesn't interrupt next password-dialogues but puts error-dialogue-windows under other password dialogues where it waits until all other password dialogues are filled and not steel focus from active window.

Dismissing <ESC> error window will stop signing into the mailbox where I want to log in. I don't want to stop the firs-erroneous-password-dialogue but rather to correct the password and login. However why it is messing with the next password dialogue?

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Okay, now I am getting this. So the issue happens with Thunderbird? Not Firefox? I will have the administrators move this to the Thunderbird support. Please wait.

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Yes! It is about Thunderbird client!

at the moment Thunderbird ver. 52.7.0 (32 bit) on Win-7 x64 platform, but the problem has bullying me a longer time - real pain in ...

Thank You for any help! Kind regards

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