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Before Quantum I could put Podcasts on the top bar. After Quantum I cannot. Why not?

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Please can someone help with this issue.

My Podcasts USED to be on the top bar, easy to just click and open. In Quantum I cannot find them, they do not show on the top bar also NASA image of the day used to be on the top bar, again easy to open, now I cannot find them.
Please can someone help?

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cor-el said


See my 4th post ......

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When I asked you to take another look at that article I had sent you before, I was thinking about this part :

"Tip: You can add a Subscribe button FxSubscribeButton to your Firefox toolbar or menu (the button will darken on pages with web feeds)."

With the emphasis on the button will darken on pages with web feeds

I don't use RSS feed myself - the Beeb sends me emails instead.

I'm all out of ideas (sorry  !), but maybe somebody else will come to your rescue ....

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The problem is that the button does not darken on pages with web that must mean that I have either missed a step or there is a disjoint in the Quantum setup because it did all work in the previous Firefox.. Thank you for all your help and patience.... I notice that JSCHER 2000 has sent me a post so will check what he has to say....... Kind regards, Bariss.

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So on this page you also see a disabled Subscribe button?

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,Thank you for your input and the link to the BBC. Please see the post I sent to HAPPY 112 above with regard to web feeds. I have studied the links you sent me and the problem appears to be the statement which says : Live bookmarks will only work with sites that offer WEB I said before I followed the instructions in the Live bookmarks link and the one you sent me above...on the BBC news web site, which does offer web feeds' the RSS podcast icon on my navigation bar did not darken too indicate a web page with a feed. I sent a screenshot to JSCHER 2000 of what happens when I click the RSS feed on the BBC page which deals with podcasts....the podcasts are in Live Bookmarks and when I click one it goes to the BBC website, it does not open on my computer which it is supposed to do. Kind regards, Bariss.
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NO, on this page when I press ALT and open bookmarks the Subscribe button is enabled with the RSS feed icon in bright orange to its left. WHY is it working for you?

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In that BBC News link I posted a few days ago :

You did what it says at the top here, didn't you  ?

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I am sorry I do not understand your the top here, didn't you?

The first link opens to the BBC Rss feeds page.
The second link is blank but for a Firefox Live bookmarks box that invites me to subscribe to a web feed. When I click YES the box vanishes. When I open bookmarks on my computer, the subscribe button is not enabled, so  I click the bookmarks toolbar, it opens all the lists of all the podcasts  and if I click one it takes me back to the BBC website......
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I'm talking about the yellow banner at the top here :

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Further to the above... I have just conducted an experiment...I carried out the instruction about the ALT key and went to four different sites, NASA, BBC, RADIO NZ, WIKEPEDIA. Only on Wikepedia did the 'Subscribe to this page button' work or was highlighted. All the rest, although they offer RSS Feeds and or podcasts , The Subscribe to this page button' was NOT enabled. Obviously even though it is supposed to automatically be enabled because the site does have RSS FEEDS. There is something wrong either in Quantum or my computer set-up. Kind regards, Bariss. PS : I am getting tired due to MS, I am going for a sleep.

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While you are taking a well-deserved rest, I was wondering if maybe this could be down to one of your extensions. I went over this whole thread again and I noticed that your reply to cor-el's second post was :

" All I found were hundreds of different addons. "

That seems highly unlikely - maybe you could try again :

press Ctlr + Shift + A or 3-bar menu => Options => Add-ons => Extensions

Could you let us know which extensions (if any) you see listed there  ?

Modified by Happy112

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Sorry I mixed up add-on's and extensions, you are correct, it seems I don't have any but when I opened the 3 bar menu the Add-on's page was the only one there so I clicked it and there are literally thousands of add-on's....

I am trying to add a screenshot but it refuses to work, yesterday it did..... it is sitting in my pictures file and refuses to budge...Happy Days......

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'Add-ons' is the collective term for 'Extensions', 'Plugins' and 'Themes'.

I thought it was pretty obvious that you wound up here :

I just wondered how you got there ......

But now you're saying that there are thousands of add-ons showing in : Options => Add-ons => Extensions  ???

This I've got to see  ! (I feel like I've landed in a SciFi movie ..... )

How do I create a screenshot of my problem?

Once you've done this, attach the saved screenshot file to your forum post by clicking the Browse... button below the Post your reply box.

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Your comment about the yellow banner..... in the screenshot is what I found when I looked for extensions and also the add-ons page....

I hope these are some help......Kind regards, Bariss.

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I was just going to post :

"Wait a minute :   in the Addons Manager, you clicked on 'Get Add-ons'   ..... "

And sure enough : your second screenshot shows that that's exactly what you did (and were talking about).

Your first screenshot shows that you don't have any extensions installed, so we can rule that out.

Phew ..... glad we got that out of the way.

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The yellow banner I was talking about here :

See screenshot :

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Yes I did see this banner and it did not make any difference when I clicked Subscribe...the same result...when I clicked the podcast feed it went straight to the web site and did not open on my system as a podcast.

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I got the feeling that I'm only adding to the confusion, so I will leave you in the capable hands of my fellow contributors, who will undoubtedly be of more help than I .......

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You have been very helpful indeed because you stimulated my thinking abilities and sent me down pathways I did not know about....which is what this is all about...encouragement.......

Kind regards, Bariss.

PS : I have just, belatedly,realized that I should have probably used my username right through this process....also that personal details...anyway too late now....

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clangerx said

PS : I have just, belatedly,realized that I should have probably used my username right through this process....also that personal details...anyway too late now....

I haven't seen you post anything that you shouldn't have, honest  !

And I quite enjoyed talking to you  !

Now, let's see if somebody will come to your rescue and solve your problem (fingers crossed ..... ).

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