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I can't bring up Firefox. It goes to a screen that always wants me to download Firefox.

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I've downloaded Firefox Nightly but can't bring it up in a screen. It always sends me to a screen that wants me to download Firefox again.

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What's your computer system and Firefox version?

In order to better assist you with your issue please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How do I create a screenshot of my problem?

Once you've done this, attach the saved screenshot file to your forum post by clicking the Browse... button below the Post your reply box. This will help us to visualize the problem.

Thank you!

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Here's the info you requested. I'm using Windows 10 Pro and Firefox or Firefox Nightly, whichever one I can get to work. I'm very curious about Nightly. Is it better than regular Firefox??? Should I use Firefox Quantum instead??? Here's the screenshot you requested.

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Okay. It looks like you got misdirected. Yes the 'download' buttons are there, but the rest of the screen is what you should have seen.

How did you get there? Bookmark? Try going to and press the 'login' link.

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I'm at the "Get Involved" screen. Somehow I got logged in but I've never seen a "LogIn" button. When I went to "" somehow I was logged in but I don't see a tab where I can pull up a URL. I believe I've downloaded Firefox Nightly but I don't see it at all. So what do I do now for those two issues???

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Type about:support in the address bar and press Enter. This will show you about your Firefox, add-ons, and system.

If you never logged out, then you would still be logged in. Not a worry. this website does not keep and information about you like banks, stores and so on.

Many of us don't bother to log out of Mozilla.

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I'm not ready for add-ons. I just want the basic Firefox URL address so I can put it in LastPass. Please tell me about Nightly. "about:support" just takes me to the add-on pages.

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craigcjeffery said

Please tell me about Nightly.

Any particular reason why you are Testing the unstable Nightly development channel builds instead of using say Release like the current 56.0.2 on

The Nightly channel gets checkins and updates twice a day and sometimes this can lead to issues until fixed, finished or reverted.

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You can check the home page setting.

Firefox supports multiple home pages separated by '|' (pipe) symbols.

You can create a new profile to test if your current profile is causing the problem.

See "Creating a profile":

If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a previously used profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over problems.

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James, I ran but when it finished and was supposed to launch Firefox all I got was the same download screen.

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Please uninstall Firefox. Then Delete the Mozilla Firefox Folders in C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files(x86) Then restart system. Then run Windows Disk Cleanup. Then run it again and click the button that says Cleanup System Files. Note: your Firefox Profile is saved.

My bad... ***********

Modified by Shadow110

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I've done as you suggested but still got the same result. The first tab used to come up saying "Firefox" and was ready to go. Now it doesn't. HELP.