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New comcast streaming will not work in firefox

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Comcast has changed their on-line streaming service into a new format. I was able to stream no problem before, but now I cannot even seem to log in to this. I can log on to the xfinity home page and email, but not the streaming page. Other firefox users are having this problem as noted from comments in the xfinity forum. I am wondering if there is something with firefox not allowing me to log on. I have disabled my addons ABP, and Ghostery, and have added comcast to my exceptions options and besides that I do not know what else to do. Getting any answers from Comcast, as I am sure everyone else knows, is impossible. So I thought I would see from this end if anyone has any solutions. I can use streaming on IE, but not firefox which is the browser I use and do not like using IE. I am using Win7, comcast ethernet, if that adds any info.

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Please provide a hyperlink to the Xfinity forum threads where that issue was mentioned.