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Whether to use the Cntrl or Alt key or can we be given the choice for either.

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My more complex idea was never responded to, so perhaps a shortened version will get lucky.

Since the distance of your thumbs and my thumbs while resting on a space bar are closer and dexterially "easier" and "quicker" to reach the Alt key for use with the shortcut keys than the Ctrl key is by faaarrrrr, and where the reach or stretch to the other short cut keys are"closer" and "faster" to get to, I wonder whether Firefox will soon consider allowing users to eliminate or switch between the more awkward, slower, and mistake-making task of the Ctrl key (especially for those of us with medium to smaller hands or less dexterity, and which induces us to less often use or abandon the use of shortcuts, to instead give us the freedom and speed of using the Alt key instead. I have to admit though, the Ctrl key was absolutely awesome before keyboard manufacturers changed it's location.

Secondly, newer versions of Firefox have eliminated or nullified almost half of the super excellent add-ons that I count on everyday with no real replacement or a less than optimal replacement, and stops me dead in my tracks from upgrading. What I don't want to happen is for websites and google to constantly tell me to upgrade or that my version isn't supported. There should be no reason you smart folks can't figure a way to upgrade without adversely affecting our add-ons. Not to mention, the add-on people spend a lot of time (like you do) putting those add-ons together for us, and to make them disappear so easily, disenfranchises them from making more or upgrading. How about a little help with this one as well.

Thanks for your time answering my suggestions - hopefully.

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The proper place to make suggestions to Mozilla about Firefox is here:

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What extensions in particular prevent you from updating Firefox?

A lot of extensions that no longer work in later releases have been continued by others, so you can always try to search the Add-ons website or ask on this or another forum.

The Alt key has always been used to access menu items, while the Ctrl key is used for commands. Access keys used on websites use Alt+Shift to activate buttons.

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Hello and thanks for your kind reply.

To re-identify all those extensions that were lost or disabled requires me to reinstall the latest version again and then Restore to the previous version to get back in operation. There were 4 or 6 that were lost with no updates or replacements - I checked. My concern was to have the team prevent this problem for all future updates or explain to us that this is just the way it will always be so I can avoid upgrades or perhaps once every year and a half look for add-on replacements. Very frustrating. And then, why is google (gmail) and other sites warning me to update the Firefox. Who needs this kind of continuous grief - right?

And finally, the Alt key suggestion was exclusively for the command shortcut list ( a long list) and not about short menu list.

Thanks for your efforts in making these logical suggestions work for all of us. Hopefully the team agrees.

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Security Issue: Update your Adobe Reader Version 2015.016.20039 Note: Other Software is offered in the download.

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Does anyone from the Mozilla Team have ideas about how to permit users to use the easier Alt Key instead of the Ctrl Key when executing command shortcuts. Please read my previous posted suggestion for an explanation as to why this key is in all cases easier to use.

Thank you.

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See this article for potential solutions for "small-hands".