Search Support streams aren't loading the video, chat works fine.

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I have JUST installed Mozilla Firefox as Youtube is a lot slower on Chrome and so far Youtube is a lot faster, I haven't installed ANY add-ons/extensions but I am unable to watch streams on I have attached screenshots with what is coming up. All the solutions I have found online just say to disable any extensions or startup in safe mode which doesn't apply to me as I haven't even downloaded anything extra for firefox yet.

screenshot isn't loading, The problem is that, at the top left of my screen it says the webpage isn't secure and information can be accessed.

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more options still uses Flash (unlike Youtube), so you'll need to get the Adobe Flash Player plugin. I don't know when they'll transition to HTML5, but I hope they do it soon.

more options

From your More Systems Details on right of your post it seems like you have some Plugins on system but not the Flash Player. Make sure Firefox is closed when you install Flash Player (NPAPI version) on system.

I think there may be a few channels that have or had HTML5 for video part by defaul however only the chat and video controls are HTML5 by default for pretty close to all channels. The video part is still primarily using the Flash Player.

You might be able to watch a twitch stream with html5 but with no chat so you would have to use chat in a popout window or such. For example

Another way you can watch twitch streams is say by using Livestreamer and twitch gui (set stream type to hls in livestreamer gui) to send html5 streams to a media player like vlc or mpv. I do this on Linux and it uses a Lot less cpu usage especially if viewing Source in full screen.

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