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Signature Disappears

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Hi there,

I have been trying to set up signatures to use for our company email address' however im having some trouble.

Ive followed all the steps on the help page, using plain text works, though using attached images/attached files containing HTML files that were created in Thunderbird do not work. When I send these emails to other Thunderbird users it is successful, though when sending to computers using Outlook or to my iPhone, the emails simply do not get received.

What does work was using the HTML option and using Amazon photo sharing as a image link. Code below:

<a href=""></a>

This works and sends to all clients though after a few days the signature picture appears a broken icon. Using the same above code on Outlook the picture remains so im 99% certain it is not the link expiring but is a client issue.

Hoping somebody may have some tips for me?!

Thanks in advance.

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Ironically realised the code messed up. The code i was using is:

  • edited out*

(remove the '*'s)

Perhaps this is an issue with the photo link? If it is can anybody recommend me a better way of retrieving the photo from the web?

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The image needs to be stored on your computer.

To create a HTML signature file: Open Write window. Remove all signatures, so it is completely blank.

You may have some default settings set up for when composing any email, but when creating a signature, you must assume that nothing is set in hard code. Using the 'Formatting Bar':

select everything you require even if it looks like it is already selected. eg: body text, times new roman, bold, italic type signature

Insert > Image click on 'choose file' , locate and click on open select: 'attach this image to the message' (this must be selected)

click on 'Link' insert the http://www. link

click on OK When all is ok.... 'File' > 'Save as' > 'File' choose where to save in a folder on your computer - not in Thunderbird Give suitable filename with extension .html Save as Type; HTML files click on Save.

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I went to the amazon cloud link, which you stated in your last comment. right click on image and select: 'Save image as' Choose where to save it and give it a suitable name. then use it in your signature html file.

Please note: the link you mention has been posted in a public forum and so anyone can get access to it. I would suggest you edit that comment, now that I have seen what the issue is.

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Thank you for the reply,

I have tried the above steps and upon writing the email, it does work. Though when sending to a computer with outlook/an iPhone using the mail app it does not get received.

What appears to be happening is that it says its sent though nothing ever appears on the other mailbox's. I have tried it with sending to the same domain name with another prefix and that works, but when sending it to a completely different email address it is very temperamental?

I'm not sure if this is a bug or me missing something?

Thanks again.

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If the email address does not exist or the receiving server mail account has used up quota, then you would get a mailor daemon bounce back email from server. If the email address exists, but is not quite the correct spelling, then it might have been received by someone you did not intend to receive it. If the email address is correct, then the server could be filtering it believing it is spam.

There is no reason why an email client would refuse to download an email off the server based on the email client that sent it.

Have your intended recipients checked their webmail account to see if the email was put into a spam folder? Pop mail accounts cannot get access to emails in a server spam folder and some servers periodically auto empty spam folders. So it would be easy to miss those emails.

What smtp port number are you using? Some servers auto block port 25.

Do you scan outgoing emails with anti-virus product? If yes, then I suggest you stop scanning outgoing emails just in case the software is effecting the email to see if this improves things.

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It it literally on a computer next to me and my iPhone being used as a test. I can access the spam folder of both of the above and it is not going into there either, it is most bizarre.

When I used the method of grabbing the picture from the web and inputing the HTML text manually, this did get received on the same computers/emails addresses as above.

Server settings say my port is 993.

The issue occurs on both mine and my colleagues computers - mine being a mac and his being a Dell running Windows 7. Even using a standard AOL email address and attaching the HTML signature has no success. It only seems to send to computers running Thunderbird.

The computer next to me uses the exact same signature with the original code (grabbing it from Amazon) and works fine (using Outlook) .

It is a little frustrating!

Thanks again for your help so far.

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If it is not on server then it cannot be downloaded. Can you send me two emails. Use the new html signature file which uses the image stored on your computer. then send a second one using old html file which uses the amazon link to image. Send to: mail at anje dot co dot uk I'll see if these get received into my webmail account on server.

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Thank you, I have emailed you 3 emails with details of each on the message.


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I checked for emails via webmail to rule out downloading to Thunderbird. I received all three emails on server and viewed via webmail. The first one - using as per my instructions on html file. Image displays perfectly with clickable link to your website. This is actually the correct and most reliable method of creating a signature as image with a clickable link.

The second - as you suspected - image is not displayed as the image link is broken. the clickable link is separate and ok. the third email displays 'refreshed' image and separate link perfectly ok.

The point is that all three emails were received on server and so any email client can download to view regardless of whether the image is displaying or not. The broken image does not effect the receiving of an email.

I really would suggest you use the html file which has the image on the computer as it should work more reliably.

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Thank you very much for your help, it seems odd that perhaps it is just my other computer with outlook that isn't working then.

Fully appreciate your advice and help on the matter, you've been great.


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re :Server settings say my port is 993. This sounds like your incoming server port for an imap mail account.

Just wondering what the set up is regarding Outlook email client on other computer and Thunderbird and which accounts they are commonly accessing.

Example senario: If computer 'A' has Thunderbird and connects to mail account 'MA' via POP. Then it is normal to download to Thunderbird and delete copy off server, (unless you have explicitly set up to 'Leave a copy on server' in Account Settings).

This means that if Computer 'B' (or any other device) later accesses mail account 'MA' via pop or imap then the email will not be there because it was downloaded to Computer 'A'.

When you were sending email to me, I deliberately set Thunderbird to 'offline' mode to prevent any downloading. I could then access webmail knowing the email would not have been moved/downloaded anywhere. After sending an email to one of your email addresses, it is best to check the receiving email address webmail account. Remember to refresh the page to ensure you are seeing an up to date list.

If email does not arrive on server, then it cannot be downloaded to any email client. So, if Dell computer using Outlook email client cannot download/view email then it is likely the email was either not received to the server eg (incorrect spelling on email address) or has already been downloaded to another device using pop or was stopped by some server filter as spam.

I can see from your website that you have a couple of contact email addresses. If you wish, I could send a few test emails to each of the email addresses using your signature, so you can see how they are received from an outside source. Let me know if you would like me to do this, as I would not like to spam you unintentionally nor cause you any worry about who has used your signature.