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Constant script erros, and long lock ups when scrolling or closing tabs

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Recently, I have been getting script errors like crazy. Also the scrolling of web pages and even my email page freezes up for a more than a few seconds at times. I can't even close the web page tabs when either of these things happen. The web browser seems to just freeze up and takes quite a few seconds to release and allow me to try again. Not sure if this was caused by a recent update or not but I'm using the ESR version or whatever it's called, of Firefox. My Net connection is wirelessly connected to my router downstairs, but the connection isn't going away when this occurs. Any idea of why this happens now? Has anyone else reported long hang times, or script errors when viewing web pages? By the way I did a refresh of firefox right before sending this report. Don't know if that will help or not, but any further input by you would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Does it mention a specific file in that warning pop-up or just random JavaScript errors?

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox menu button/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.

  • Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox menu button/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
  • Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window
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To be honest I'm not sure. Usually anything written with an error is gibberish or numerical that I can't understand so i didn't notice. All I saw was 3 buttons. 'Continue Script" "Debug" and "Close Script". Even when I selected one of those options it didn't exit or unfreeze right away. It just sat there frozen till it finally decided to continue or exit. Either way the laggy freezing was still occuring until I exited the web and re-opened Firefox to my home page. I notice it starts happening a lot when I am reading and commenting on news articles and facebook too. For the moment it isn't giving me any trouble with any other type of browsing like web sites you might go to when looking to buy something. Just ones that are more socially designed. I haven't had the problem occur again yet. But I havent been reading any more news articles today or on facebook. Hoping that a refresh of Firefox might have fixed any setting that might have been causing the issue.

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A couple common culprits:

(1) Skype Click-to-Call extension - you can disable this on the Add-ons page, Extensions panel

(2) Flash plugin "protected mode" feature - you can disable this on the Add-ons page, Plugins panel, click the More link for Shockwave Flash, then uncheck the box for protected mode (all Flash needs to be unloaded for several minutes in order for this to take effect)

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I don't use Skype or have it installed, but the Flash player has given me issues before. Previous issue was hang ups during video play of Youtube and other video sources unless I constantly moved the mouse on the screen. That issue was fixed some time ago with the help of you guys. Thanks for that btw. So I will try disabling the "protected mode" and see if my pages scroll and operate without skippy freezes and hang ups. I don't necessarily like shutting down a feature designed to protect my PC from attack through media sources, but It's simple to turn back on if I choose to watch some videos, instead of just reading news etc.. Thanks for the assistance. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

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I can't relate it specifically to your problems but you might try disabling your thriXXX WebLaunch Plugin. It doesn't read too well on its first two Google search pages.

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Actually that's been on this PC for years and no idea what a web launch plugin is to be honest. I just use the PC and don't know much about this internet software plug ins or add-ons thing. It's been set to "always ask me" so I don't think it runs or does anything while I am browsing news articles or watching videos that are on the page with them, Or YouTube, etc.. I never really googled it to see if there were reported issues though, and my knowledge of when these add-ons and plug ins are running is a mystery to me as well. I just figured if it says "ask me" first, then it means it isn't running unless I get a box on the screen that asks. But I am going to see if the Flash protected Mode being disabled works when I got time to browse the web and post comments, which is when it was getting really bad. All this started after a recent Firefox update a few days or so ago. Then I had another Firefox update last night. So was hoping that was a fix for what I have been experiencing, since before the updates, I wasn't having this issue. First things first. Try one fix at a time, and see what happens. Since Flash player has given me headaches since switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox, (much to my dismay) It seems the logical first step to try disabling the protect mode. I will keep your suggestion in mind if I still experience the issue though. Cheers.

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There is no need to respond to this. My only hope is that someone will read it and repair the problem. All three of my computers used Firefox for many many years. Over the last couple of month all of them are freezing up on script problems. I have done everything I have read and followed every suggestion but can't fix it.

I have become addicted to Firefox. No other browser is as good but sadly I will give it up on this computer as well. I use this computer all day and not a day passes that I don't suffer a freeze. Today the freeze cost me a lot of work as it froze close to the end of entering some data on a stock site. All gone!

I promised I'd quit using Firefox but as an addict I keep trying and it keeps freezing. I will continue to try it once a month in hopes someone can straighten out the script problems.

I don't keep a log and I often have multiple tabs and windows open but I believe is one of the offenders but there are others and there are far too many. Please fix my favorite browser.

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Hi boa111, I didn't hear back about whether my last reply in your thread here made any difference: