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Firefox 40 having issues with Windows Vista?

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Recently with the release of Firefox 40. I have been plagued with an issue of Windows Vista freezing. No response from the operating system at all. The only time this happens is while Firefox is online and on a website. None of the websites are bad. It even locked up on Microsoft's Website as well as Mozilla's website. No mouse or keyboard activity. Hard shutdown is needed to regain control. I may be wrong looking at Firefox as a possible suspect in this. Just curious if anyone else with Windows Vista have the same issue lately. I prefer Firefox over all others. But currently about to test an alternate browser to keep the system off IE! Reformat of the OS, then a test of the RAM passed the memory check software. The system is not getting hot. When Firefox is left running, perhaps even minimized, it freezes. Windows Log reads COM+ error, Kernel Errors and multiple other errors. All on a fresh install of the OS. No virus or malware in the system either. I cannot locate a valid reason for this. Any ideas?

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Sorry to hear that Firefox is not performing well on your system.

For tips on improving Firefox's performance, please refer to these articles:

Hopefully these articles will provide some solutions to improve your performance. If not, please let us know.

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The issue remains. The browser worked for a couple of hours today. Then the entire computer froze again. All the Windows Events were pointing towards a software issue. Print Spooler failed, and other software and drivers started failing. All while Firefox was in use. It ran the majority of the night with Firefox off line. Using a different browser. Something in Firefox 40, Windows Vista and certain machines seem to have an issue with each other. Hope Firefox 41 is released soon and fixes this issue. I have several friends whom all have the same problem. Some are on Windows 7. Very strange. Any ideas of what changed in Firefox 40 which could lead to this? There are no extensions installed at all. Fresh install of the OS and Firefox.

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Can you please file a bug report on Bugzilla so that our developers can a take a look into the issue and patch it in the next version of Firefox? Thanks