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Why can'tThunderbird can't access the web in Windows 10

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I can open Thunderbird but it will not update and get new mail. It worked in the insider previews now it won't. Microsoft is no help.

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Please start *Windows'* safe mode with networking enabled.

Still In Windows safe mode, start thunderbird in safe mode -

Does problem go away?

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Wayne Mery: No dice. Went to advanced start up and selected safe mode. When the options for safe mode popped up I selected f5 for safe mode with networking. No Internet. The connection says its connected but nothing seems to be going out.

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Wayne Mery: By the by a ping of Comcast returned no dropped packets and a ping of did the same.

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Perhaps relevant to this problem, someone informed me that on win10 "the network adapter needs to be reset on some upgrades to allow programs other than Edge internet access. It is a command line process that is fixed, as I understand it, in this weeks roll up for Windows 10. ... look for this week's Windows 10 fixes."

Please tell us, does this help?

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Wayne Mery: From Microsoft???

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That was a tongue in cheek/aghast (dare I say snarky?) comment. I've been on the phone with them since I upgraded on the 30th. Do you think it will be in the Tue push out or do I have to look on their website?

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Sorry, but I don't follow or know what's happening with Windows 10.

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Wayne Mery: Windows 10 downloaded a corrupt version that was block internet access to 99% of my programs that need to access the web. Then Tue last week the forced an update through that totally destabilized my system. Hiren's and Yumi can't access the drive. The bios recognizes them but if I disable the hhd as a boot option the F10 it boots immediately back to the bios screen. If I enable the hhd thenF10 the machine will boot from the W10 boot sectors. I even tried safe mode w/ networking. No dice; the OS doesn't recognize the internet connections. But I can open command prompt then ping and tracert by name and ip.

If you're thinking of W10, DON'T.

To one and all:

thanks for your time and help.

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One thing that does occur in W10 upgrade is the network adapter comes out broken as you have seen. Only the edge browser appears to work. There is a manual workaround for that here.

I do not know much as I do not have windows 10 and have no access. Inquiries to Microsoft left me with the feeling the name of the company should be spelt with an A. Basically I was told "not in my part of the world" as yet.

I am starting to wonder is a corrupt stack is half the connectivity issues in Windows 8 as well.

Note 1. W10 does not use Bios. through choice but UEFI Secure Boot. A significant issue for boot loaders. 2. Apparently Hirens does not support UEFI 3. Yumi does.

You might also be interested in the OEM requirements Microsoft place, it may affect your choice of computer into the future. See

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Matt: I have the UEFI support version of Yumi on both cd and flash since W8. I had Edge, Waterfox, and Palemoon working. Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and IE(no loss here) didn't work. No security programs could access the net. Very Strange. When I was field testing the Insider Previews I made an exact clone of my C: for a Virtual Box machine. Loaded the preview release and away we went. No issues with anything. Ran several browsers on the desktop and the virtual machine with multiple tabs open. W10 really took off when I used a second monitor as a new window and sent the virtual machine screen there. Did this on all four of the preview releases I was given. Makes me wonder if another Tech I know was right: Bait and Switch. Don't know what part of the world you're in but I would recommend staying away from W10 for a few years. Stay with W8.1 or W7. By the by I still can't access the drive even using a buddy's machine and plugging it in as a second drive. Looks like Microsoft not only is going to be buying a bunch of people new Nvidia gpus but they'll buying me a new machine. Thanks for the help and your time.

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Finally got into the drive.....sorta. Was able to get some data but not all. Got TB info but so far haven't been able to pull my tools (hiren's, yumi, nirsoft, wireshark, etc) off. Got some pictures but not all. Thanks again for the help.