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Black screen Youtube videos

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I just started getting this black screen instead of some youtube videos whilst they are running , and whilst the sound still goes on perfectly fine. It's rare that it happens and it can change into the normal image, and when i change from full screen view to normal view it can also change back to the normal/real image. Does anyone know what that could be from?

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It showed up on another video site besides youtube as well. It is like these lapses of flash... memory (or something) that make these small spaces of the videos blackened out. (Sometimes the whole video?) Restarting Firefox seems to fix it. Cleaning the cache doesn't fix it. Refreshing the video/page doesn't ?

I've not installed any new addons, i did update flash recently.

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Start with this;

Tyler Downer has replied to a thread you're watching. Here is their reply: Hey all, Just an update. A 0day exploit has been discovered in Flash, and below. Adobe has released an update to which fixes this issue. All users should update to the latest flash immediately. It isn't known how far back this hold exists, but at this time assume all versions are affected.

If you have problems with current Shockwave Flash plugin versions then check this:

  • see if there are updates for your graphics drive drivers

  • disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)

  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin See also:

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I think what happened with flash was that flash asked for an update, and it didnt download it through a browser, it just autoupdated itself. Not sure if that's relevant?

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I thought i have the latest flash now, what should i be doing?

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Also another thing that started happening a bit prior to this is when i click on google tabs they give me an instant ssl error? or something and the page doesn't load until i refresh it

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I guess i uninstalled flash and then i uninstalled adobe shockwave player and now i installed the latest versions. Adobe AIR is the only one that i haven't updated

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Are you still having issues?

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Yes ,it still happens sometimes , although seemingly not as often as it used to. Or maybe it's because of the newest flash update. (i did update right when it came out two days ago)

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It seemed like it worked for a while ,but now what happens is sometimes , i'd say 1 out of 6-7 times i go to full screen in youtube videos , that flash screen hangs and makes firefox hang with it , and i have to end the process ,and sometimes i have to do it to firefox as well

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I noticed that opening 5-6 youtube videos will make the black screen permanent across the entire youtube video And refreshing the video won't help at all ,the entire video will just stay black

But if i close 2-3 youtube videos, now it appears normally

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

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Thank you Fred.

It's sort of irregular, so it took me a while to make sure it was still happening after i reinstalled flash.

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Can you please provide the new troubleshooting information from after updating your graphics card from about:support.

There is an new feature in the about:config page that disables protected mode in the flash plugin player. Try disabling graphics hardware acceleration. Then perform these steps:

  1. Open Firefox Options window (Preferences on Mac or Linux) as follows:
    • In Firefox 29.0 and above, click the menu button New Fx Menu and select Options for Windows or Preferences on Mac or Linux.
    • In Firefox 28.0 and previous versions, click the orange Firefox button at the top left, then select the "Options" button, or, if there is no Firefox button at the top, go to Tools > Options.
  2. In the Firefox Options (or Preferences) window, click the Advanced tab, then select General.
  3. In the settings list, you should find the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox. Uncheck this checkbox.
  4. Now, restart Firefox and see if the problems persist.

Currently I do also know that they are still investigating. It is recommended to change the plugin to "ask to activate" while they continue to make improvements to the security issues.

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Yes, sir , My Hardware acceleration is unchecked

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Application Basics

Name: Firefox Version: 36.0 User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0 Multiprocess Windows: 0/2

Crash Reports for the Last 3 Days

All Crash Reports


Name: "Manage search engines" button Version: 1.0 Enabled: true ID: jid1-XGhxOf1M8UPpsQ@jetpack

Name: ABV Notifier Version: 1.0.4 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Adblock Plus Version: 2.6.7 Enabled: true ID: {d10d0bf8-f5b5-c8b4-a8b2-2b9879e08c5d}

Name: Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon Version: 0.9.2 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Add to Search Bar Version: 2.8 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Autofill Version: 3.6 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Bitcoin Price Ticker Version: Enabled: true ID: jid0-ziK34XHkBWB9ezxd4l9Q1yC7RP0@jetpack

Name: ChatZilla Version: Enabled: true ID: {59c81df5-4b7a-477b-912d-4e0fdf64e5f2}

Name: CLEO Version: 6.0 Enabled: true ID:

Name: DOM Inspector Version: 2.0.15 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Download Status Bar Version: 12.3.0 Enabled: true ID: {6c28e999-e900-4635-a39d-b1ec90ba0c0f}

Name: DownloadHelper Version: 4.9.24 Enabled: true ID: {b9db16a4-6edc-47ec-a1f4-b86292ed211d}

Name: Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus Version: 1.3.1 Enabled: true ID:

Name: FEBE Version: 8.3 Enabled: true ID: {4BBDD651-70CF-4821-84F8-2B918CF89CA3}

Name: Feed Sidebar Version: 8.0.4 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Firebug Version: 2.0.8 Enabled: true ID:

Name: FireFTP Version: 2.0.22 Enabled: true ID: {a7c6cf7f-112c-4500-a7ea-39801a327e5f}

Name: Flash and Video Download Version: 1.68 Enabled: true ID: {bee6eb20-01e0-ebd1-da83-080329fb9a3a}

Name: Form History Control Version: Enabled: true ID:

Name: FromWhereToWhere Version: 0.25.5 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Google Floating Search Panel Version: 1.4 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Google Similar Images Version: 0.5 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Greasefire Version: 1.0.8 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Greasemonkey Version: 2.3 Enabled: true ID: {e4a8a97b-f2ed-450b-b12d-ee082ba24781}

Name: Hide My Ass Proxy Extension Version: 1.2.7 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Imgur Uploader Version: 1.0.6 Enabled: true ID:

Name: InspectThis Version: 1.0.0 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Integrated Google Calendar Version: 1.4.0 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Menu Editor Version: 1.2.7 Enabled: true ID: {EDA7B1D7-F793-4e03-B074-E6F303317FB0}

Name: Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant Version: 1.3.1 Enabled: true ID: {20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b}

Name: More Tools Menu Version: 1.2.4 Enabled: true ID: {9a7a67d3-3048-47fb-acde-d0f7ae51f86a}

Name: Multiple Tab Handler Version: 0.8.2015022701 Enabled: true ID:

Name: New tab toolbar button Version: 1.1 Enabled: true ID: {42975993-6fa0-46f5-a45f-706915f18ebf}

Name: NoScript Version: Enabled: true ID: {73a6fe31-595d-460b-a920-fcc0f8843232}

Name: OPIE Version: 5.0.2 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Password Exporter Version: 1.2.1 Enabled: true ID: {B17C1C5A-04B1-11DB-9804-B622A1EF5492}

Name: Print Edit Version: 13.8 Enabled: true ID: printedit@DW-dev

Name: Reddit Enhancement Suite Version: 4.5.4 Enabled: true ID: jid1-xUfzOsOFlzSOXg@jetpack

Name: Resurrect Pages Version: 2.0.6 Enabled: true ID: {0c8fbd76-bdeb-4c52-9b24-d587ce7b9dc3}

Name: Save My Tabs Version: 0.53 Enabled: true ID: savemytabs@dmitriy.khudorozhkov

Name: Saved Password Editor Version: 2.8.3 Enabled: true ID: savedpasswordeditor@daniel.dawson

Name: Search in YouTube Version: 1.0 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Session Manager Version: Enabled: true ID: {1280606b-2510-4fe0-97ef-9b5a22eafe30}

Name: Simple Clocks Version: 2.4.2 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Skype Click to Call Version: 7.3.16540.9015 Enabled: true ID: {82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A}

Name: Stacked Inspector Version: 1.0.20110524 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Stock Market Quotes Version: 3.4 Enabled: true ID: {d6b1e3fb-682a-402e-b4d4-9b8029d88314}

Name: Stock Research Version: 1.0.1 Enabled: true ID: stockResearch@stock.research

Name: StockFox Version: 1.3.2 Enabled: true ID: {d39a0050-191f-11df-8a39-0800200c9a66}

Name: Tabs Counter Version: 0.1 Enabled: true ID: jid1-z4HxJN5IfdzuoA@jetpack

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Name: The Addon Bar (restored) Version: 3.2 Enabled: true ID: the-addon-bar@GeekInTraining-GiT

Name: Thumbnail Zoom Plus Version: 3.3 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Tree Style Tab Version: 0.15.2014120101 Enabled: true ID:

Name: URL Lister Version: 1.3 Enabled: true ID:

Name: Web Developer Version: 1.2.5 Enabled: true ID: {c45c406e-ab73-11d8-be73-000a95be3b12}

Name: X-notifier Version: 3.5.4 Enabled: true ID: {37fa1426-b82d-11db-8314-0800200c9a66}

Name: Youtube Subscriptions Grid Version: 1.11 Enabled: true ID: jid1-PmCaAQKMFABjHg@jetpack

Name: Avast Online Security Version: 10.0.2502.149 Enabled: false ID:

Name: FlashGot Version: Enabled: false ID: {19503e42-ca3c-4c27-b1e2-9cdb2170ee34}

Name: Stylish Version: 2.0.2 Enabled: false ID: {46551EC9-40F0-4e47-8E18-8E5CF550CFB8}

Name: Tab Badge Version: 1.19 Enabled: false ID:

Name: Version: 1.4 Enabled: false ID: traderbg@jetpack

Name: TweakMDB Version: 1.0.4 Enabled: false ID: {15a82062-5139-4855-9706-130a8a4be80c}

Name: Xmarks Version: 4.3.6 Enabled: false ID:

Name: youtubecustomhomepage Version: 1.1 Enabled: false ID: {52db74c9-f566-42f2-9cb0-e72dd97f916d}


Adapter Description: AMD Radeon HD 6450 Adapter Drivers: aticfx64 aticfx64 aticfx64 aticfx32 aticfx32 aticfx32 atiumd64 atidxx64 atidxx64 atiumdag atidxx32 atidxx32 atiumdva atiumd6a atitmm64 Adapter RAM: 2048 Device ID: 0x6779 DirectWrite Enabled: false (6.2.9200.16571) Driver Date: 11-20-2014 Driver Version: 14.501.1003.0 GPU #2 Active: false GPU Accelerated Windows: 0/2 Basic (OMTC) Subsys ID: 00000000 Vendor ID: 0x1002 WebGL Renderer: Google Inc. -- ANGLE (AMD Radeon HD 6450 Direct3D9Ex vs_3_0 ps_3_0) windowLayerManagerRemote: true AzureCanvasBackend: skia AzureContentBackend: cairo AzureFallbackCanvasBackend: cairo AzureSkiaAccelerated: 0

Important Modified Preferences

accessibility.blockautorefresh: true accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar: 0 browser.cache.disk.capacity: 716800 browser.cache.disk.smart_size_cached_value: 358400 browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled: false browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: false browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max: false browser.cache.frecency_experiment: 3 browser.history_expire_days.mirror: 180 browser.places.importBookmarksHTML: false browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion: 7 chrf-comodo chrf-comodo true browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo: 15 browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo: 1 browser.sessionstore.upgradeBackup.latestBuildID: 20150222232811 browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID: 20150222232811 browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone: 36.0 browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent: false browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent.backup: true browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground: true browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground: true browser.tabs.warnOnClose: false browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled: false browser.urlbar.trimURLs: false dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows: true dom.max_chrome_script_run_time: 40 dom.max_script_run_time: 40 dom.mozApps.maxLocalId: 1001 dom.mozApps.used: true dom.w3c_touch_events.expose: false extensions.lastAppVersion: 36.0 font.internaluseonly.changed: false general.useragent.extra.microsoftdotnet: ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0E) gfx.direct2d.disabled: true gfx.direct3d.last_used_feature_level_idx: 0 gfx.direct3d.prefer_10_1: true layers.acceleration.disabled: true media.gmp-gmpopenh264.lastUpdate: 1423186586 media.gmp-gmpopenh264.version: 1.3 media.gmp-manager.lastCheck: 1425302237 network.cookie.prefsMigrated: true places.database.lastMaintenance: 1425251617 places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 35891 places.history.expiration.transient_optimal_database_size: 167772160 plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types: plugin.importedState: true plugin.state.anti_banner_native_proxy: 2 plugin.state.npcontentblocker: 2 plugin.state.nponlinebanking: 2 plugin.state.npvkplugin: 2 plugin.state.url_advisor: 2 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_bgcolor: false print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_bgimages: false print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_colorspace: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_command: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_downloadfonts: false print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_duplex: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_edge_bottom: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_edge_left: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_edge_right: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_edge_top: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_evenpages: true print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_footercenter: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_footerleft: &PT print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_footerright: &D print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_headercenter: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_headerleft: &T print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_headerright: &U print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_in_color: true print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_margin_bottom: 0.5 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_margin_left: 0.5 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_margin_right: 0.5 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_margin_top: 0.5 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_oddpages: true print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_orientation: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_page_delay: 50 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_data: 1 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_height: 11.00 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_name: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_size_type: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_size_unit: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_paper_width: 8.50 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_plex_name: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_resolution: 589718864 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_resolution_name: print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_reversed: false print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_scaling: 1.00 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_shrink_to_fit: true print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_to_file: false print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_unwriteable_margin_bottom: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_unwriteable_margin_left: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_unwriteable_margin_right: 0 print.printer_Canon_MP260_series_Printer.print_unwriteable_margin_top: 0 privacy.cpd.downloads: false privacy.cpd.extensions-sessionmanager: false privacy.cpd.formdata: false privacy.cpd.history: false privacy.cpd.offlineApps: true privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs: true privacy.sanitize.timeSpan: 0 security.csp.enable: false security.dialog_enable_delay: 0 security.disable_button.openCertManager: false security.disable_button.openDeviceManager: false security.OCSP.enabled: 0 security.warn_viewing_mixed: false storage.vacuum.last.index: 1 storage.vacuum.last.places.sqlite: 1424279438

Important Locked Preferences


Incremental GC: true


Activated: true Prevent Accessibility: 0

Library Versions

NSPR Expected minimum version: 4.10.7 Version in use: 4.10.7

NSS Expected minimum version: 3.17.4 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.17.4 Basic ECC

NSSSMIME Expected minimum version: 3.17.4 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.17.4 Basic ECC

NSSSSL Expected minimum version: 3.17.4 Basic ECC Version in use: 3.17.4 Basic ECC

NSSUTIL Expected minimum version: 3.17.4 Version in use: 3.17.4

Experimental Features

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Shadyz, try Safe Mode to eliminate adds on being the issue please: Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode

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Some added toolbar and anti-virus add-ons are known to cause Firefox issues. Disable All of them.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web Link} by holding down the <Shift>
(Mac Options)
key, and then starting Firefox. Is the problem still there?

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Maybe is a a good idea to reset all prefs by deleting the prefs.js file in the Firefox profile folder to cleanup the prefs because your troubleshooting information shows preferences from older Firefox versions that are no longer supported in the current releases.

You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:

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Well pretty much all the addons are old, and the problem is relatively new. The antivir addons for avast were definitely somewhat problematic, but the only thing i could do was to disable them ,so that's their status since then

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